Mailing lists

The main discussion forums for Csound are the user list and the developer list. To join these lists, go to these sites:

This is the main Csound user group. This group deals with all questions relating to installing, running, and using Csound. This group welcome mails from new and experienced users alike.

This group is used primarily for developers, but end-users are also welcome. This was once the main resource for filing bug reports and sharing development patches. More recently, users have been using the Github ‘issues’ system. Both resources are valid places for sharing development suggestions, problems, or issues found with Csound.

The two lists mentioned above are mailing lists in the strictest sense of the word. If you prefer to use an online forum, the Csound frontend Cabbage provides a dedicated online forum for Csound beginners here.

List archives starting from 6-10-2015 can also be found in the links above. Alternatively, older archives are also found on nabble:

Although questions about the main frontends are frequently discussed on the Csound-users list, there are separate lists for them, too:


Chat is available on Slack at Users can subscribe to join the slack channel at:

Chat is also available at IRC on freenode, using channel #csound. This is available through web chat (no registration required) at:


Users may also post questions on Stackoverflow, using the “csound” tag. You can view questions here:

The Csound Journal collects a huge number of articles on interesting subjects regarding Csound: