Csound  6.11


PUBLIC int csoundInitialize (int flags)
PUBLIC CSOUNDcsoundCreate (void *hostData)
PUBLIC void csoundDestroy (CSOUND *)
PUBLIC int csoundGetVersion (void)
PUBLIC int csoundGetAPIVersion (void)

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

◆ csoundCreate()

PUBLIC CSOUND* csoundCreate ( void *  hostData)

Creates an instance of Csound. Returns an opaque pointer that must be passed to most Csound API functions. The hostData parameter can be NULL, or it can be a pointer to any sort of data; this pointer can be accessed from the Csound instance that is passed to callback routines.

◆ csoundDestroy()

PUBLIC void csoundDestroy ( CSOUND )

Destroys an instance of Csound.

◆ csoundGetAPIVersion()

PUBLIC int csoundGetAPIVersion ( void  )

Returns the API version number times 100 (1.00 = 100).

◆ csoundGetVersion()

PUBLIC int csoundGetVersion ( void  )

Returns the version number times 1000 (5.00.0 = 5000).

◆ csoundInitialize()

PUBLIC int csoundInitialize ( int  flags)

Initialise Csound library with specific flags. This function is called internally by csoundCreate(), so there is generally no need to use it explicitly unless you need to avoid default initilization that sets signal handlers and atexit() callbacks. Return value is zero on success, positive if initialisation was done already, and negative on error.