FLslidBnkSet — modify the values of a slider bank.


FLslidBnkSet modifies the values of a slider bank according to an array of values stored in a table.


FLslidBnkSet ihandle, ifn [, istartIndex, istartSlid, inumSlid]


ihandle - handle of the sliderBnk (to be used to set its values).

ifn - number of a table containing an array of values to set each slider to.

istartIndex - (optional) starting index of the table element of to be evaluated firstly. Default value is zero

istartSlid - (optional) starting slider to be evaluated. Default 0, denoting the first slider.

inumSlid - (optional) number of sliders to be updated. Default 0, denoting all sliders.


FLslidBnkSet modifies the values of a slider bank (created with FLslidBnk or with FLvslidBnk) according to an array of values stored into table ifn. It actually allows to update an FLslidBnk (or FLvslidBnk) bank of sliders (for instance, using the slider8table opcode) to a set of values located in a table. User has to set ihandle argument to the handle got from FLslidBnkGetHandle opcode. It works at init-rate only. It is possible to reset only a range of sliders, by using the optional arguments istartIndex, istartSlid, inumSlid

There is a k-rate version of this opcode called FLslidBnkSetk.

See Also

FLslider, FLslidBnkGetHandle, FLslidBnk, FLslidBnk2, FLvslidBnk, FLvslidBnk2 FLslidBnk2Set, FLslidBnkSetk


Author: Gabriel Maldonado

New in version 5.06