lpsholdp — Control signals based on held segments.


Generate control signal consisiting of held segments delimited by two or more specified points. The entire envelope can be looped at time-variant rate. Each segment coordinate can also be varied at k-rate.


ksig lpsholdp  kphase, kvalue0, ktime0  [, kvalue1] [, ktime1] \
      [, kvalue2] [, ktime2] [...]


ksig - output signal

kphase -- point of the sequence read, expressed as a fraction of a cycle (0 to 1)

kvalue0...kvalueN -- Values of points

ktime0...ktimeN -- Times between points; expressed in fractions of a cycle (see below). The final time designates a ramp between the final value and the first value.

lpsholdp opcode is similar to lpshold; the only difference is that, instead of frequency, a time-variant phase is required. If you use a phasor to get the phase value, you will have a behaviour identical to lpshold, but interesting results can be achieved when using phases having non-linear motions, making lpsholdp more powerful and general than lpshold.


Written by Gabriel Maldonado.

New in Csound 5 (Previously available only on CsoundAV)