vlimit — Limiting and Wrapping Vectorial Signals


Limits elements of vectorial control signals.


vlimit  ifn, kmin, kmax, ielements


ifn - number of the table hosting the vector to be processed

ielements - number of elements of the vector


kmin - minimum threshold value

kmax - maximum threshold value

vlimit set lower and upper limits on each element of the vector they process.

These opcodes are similar to limit, wrap and mirror, but operate with a vectorial signal instead of with a scalar signal.

Result overrides old values of ifn1, if these are out of min/max interval. If you want to keep input vector, use vcopy opcode to copy it in another table.

All these opcodes are designed to be used together with other opcodes that operate with vectorial signals such as vcella, adsynt, adsynt2 etc.


Written by Gabriel Maldonado.

New in Csound 5 (Previously available only on CsoundAV)