Three Days of Computer Music!

October 2015, St. Petersburg, Russia

Join us for The 3 rd International Csound Conference!
Three days of concerts, papers, workshops and meetings.
Get in touch with the global community of composers, sound designers and programmers.


Visit unique concerts of composers, who write their music in Csound. Share your works with the community. All authors are welcome!


Meet the Csound community and share your ideas and personal view on Csound. Exchange fresh ideas about future developement.


Visit workshops on Csound programming, sound design, interactive synthesis and embedded systems delivered by the Csounders from all over the world!

  • Keynote Speaker

    Dr. Richard Boulanger

    Dr. Richard Boulanger

    Dr. Richard Boulanger was born in 1956 and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Music from the University of California, San Diego where he worked at the Center for Music Experiment’s Computer Audio Research Lab. He continued his computer music research at Bell Labs, CCRMA, the MIT Media Lab, Interval Research, and IBM while working closely with Max Mathews and Barry Vercoe.

    For the past 25 years, Dr. Boulanger has been teaching computer music composition, sound design, alternate controllers, and programming at the Berklee College of Music. There, he is a Professor of Electronic Production and Design and has been awarded both the Faculty of the Year Award and the President's Award. Over the course of his career he has been a driving force behind the spread of Csound, since its early days at MIT. He has taught thousands of students, lectured all over the world, and worked to bring Csound to the OLPC project.

    His published work includes two seminal electronic production texts from MIT Press: The Csound Book and The Audio Programming Book.

  • Speakers

    Steven Yi
    Steven Yi

    Steven Yi

    Joachim Heintz

    Steven Yi is a composer and programmer. He is the author of the Blue Integrated Music Environment and a core developer of Csound (http://csound.github.io/). He is currently working on a PhD in Digital Arts and Humanities at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth; he expects to finish his degree in Summer 2015. In his free time, he enjoys practicing and studying T'ai Chi.

    Joachim Heintz has used Csound since 1995 and has been active in the community for the past decade. Together with Iain McCurdy and others he founded and continues to maintain the Csound textbook at flossmanuals.net. He contributed to CsoundQt, which he also uses for the electronics in his compositions. In addition to writing music he also enjoys writing texts. He is head of the electronic studio at the University of Music in Hannover, Germany, where he hosted the first Csound Conference in 2011.

  • Speakers

    Bernt Isak Wærstad
    Gleb Rogozinsky

    Bernt Isak Wærstad

    Gleb Rogozinsky

    Bernt Isak Wærstad is a musician, sound artist, programmer and sound designer. He is also a lecturer at NTNU and the Norwegian Music Academy where he teaches instrument design and performance utilizing digital music technology. Together with Alex Hofmann and Kim Ervik, he started the COSMO Project, a open source/hardware Raspberry Pi and Csound-based effect pedal, in 2013. Bernt Isak is also a member of the Partikkel Audio team, the developer of the free open-source Csound-based Hadron Particle Synthesizer, where his efforts have been mainly Max for Live-programming, VST/AU-programming and sound design. For his live performance setups, often using Cabbage or the csound~ external, he constantly find new ways to use the power of Csound.

    Scientist, composer and programmer, Gleb Rogozinsky works with Csound for almost ten years. He developed GENwave for wavelets in Csound. He is working as a deputy head of Medialabs at the Bonch-Bruevich St.Petersburg University of Telecommunications, Russia. He also reads lectures on computer music and audio programming. His interests are modern music, sound synthesis, and artificial intelligence. Gleb holds a PhD degree in Audiovisual Processing. He is also the author of several serial compositions. Other part of his life is devoted to industrial music.


First Day

The ICSC2015 begins its work at the Bonch-Bruevich St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications, the region biggest training and scientific complex specialized in information technologies and communications. There are so many interesting papers and talks during the whole day. Do not miss the meeting with Csounders from all over the world!


Do not forget to grab your badge at the Registration Stand in the hall of the University!

Official Welcoming

Oleg Zolotokrylin SUT Vice Rector
Gleb G. Rogozinsky ICSC2015 Chair

Opening Keynote

Dr. Richard Boulanger Berklee College of Music

Coffee Break

A Look at Csound 7

Steven Yi Maynooth University


Michael Gogins

Cabbage Studio

Rory Walsh Dundalk Institute of Technology


At University Campus

Gourmet Cabbage

Iain McCurdy

Defining the Craft of Computer Music

Dr. Victor Lazzarini Maynooth University

How Csound tries to use multiple cores

John ffitch University of Bath, Maynooth University

Coffee Break

COSMO 2.0 - Csound On Stage Musical Operator

Alex Hofmann and Bernt Isak Wærstad

Interactive Sonification with Csound

Andrés Cabrera University of California

System configuration for an audience-driven piece including sonification and visualization of audience's operations

Kita Toshihiro

Coffee Break

On audio processes in the Artificial intelligence [self.]

Øyvind Brandtsegg and Axel Tidemann Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet

Knuth and Alma. Two Partners for Live-Electronics with Spoken Word

Joachim Heintz Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover

Remote Csound Performance

Tarmo Johannes Georg Ots Tallinn Music College

Second Day

Our second day is full with events! We start with two paper sections at the Bonch-Bruevich St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications and after we have User-Developer Round Table. Next we have an amazing concert!


Designing Standalone Applications with MaxMSP and Csound

Peiman Khosravi The Royal Academy of Music


Rory Walsh Dundalk Institute of Technology

Csound Synthesis Approach for the iVCS3 iOS App

Eugenio Giordani Conservatory of Music G. Rossini, apeSoft
Alessandro Petrolati apeSoft


Paul Batchelor

Making mainstream synthesizers with Csound

Eugene Cherny, Gleb G. Rogozinsky and Ivan Osipenko

Building web based interactive systems with Csound PNaCl and WebSockets

Ashvala Vinay and Dr. Richard Boulanger Berklee Colledge of Music

Coffee Break

Bringing Csound to a Modern Production Environment with Csound for Live

Mark Jordan-Kamholz and Dr. Richard Boulanger Berklee College of Music

Live Coding and Csound

Hlöðver Sigurðsson

Csound accelerated with Haskell

Anton Kholomiov

Clavia NM2 patch converter project

Michael Chesnokov and Gleb G. Rogozinsky

Lunch and Location Change

User-Developer Round Table

Concert 1: Stereo


Julius Bucsis

Everything that Shines

Danielle de Virgilio


Massimo Fragalà


Stephane Rolandin


Fortepiano Networks

The Living Ocean

Steven Yi

Subspace 4

Gleb Rogozinsky

Opus 1

Pablo Frank

Estudio del Tiempo Iluminado II

Juan Escudero


Alessandro Petrolati

Dark Path #2

Anna Terzaroli


Enrico Francioni

Imaginery Harmony

Dave Seidel

Under the skin

Giuseppe Iacono


Michael Gogins

Query response II

Kita Toshihiro

The COSMO project

Alex Hofmann & Bernt Isak Wærstad

Third Day

On the last day we have a ambisonics pieces by Csounders and a beautiful chamber concert. Hear the pieces written for live musicians and Csound. Exact times will be announced later.

Concert 2: Ambisonics

Cstück Nr.1.1

Arsalan Abedian


Eli Stine

Topos Concrete

Clemens von Reusner

Se'nnight (Drums & Different Cannons #7)

John ffitch

Siderial Sonata

Michael Rhoads

Photographic Memories for Cello, Radiobaton, Electronic and Virtual Orchestras

Dr Richard Boulanger feat. Kari Juusela (cello) and Basil Simons (visuals)

Run Na Mara

Iain McCurdy

Pattern Game

Tarmo Johannes

Vana Imago

Massimo Avantagiatto

Dancing CSound

Nikolay Rubanov and Salavat Safiullin

Concert 3: Live

Solo Nr. 19

Laura Muncaciu plays Karlheinz Stockhausen


Alexey Glazkov

Mioritza for trombone and tape

Alice Shields


Joachim Heintz feat. Tarmo Johannes (flute)


Massimo Bassan


The Conference Locations are

The Bonch-Bruevich St. Petersburg
State University of Telecommunications

The region biggest training and scientific complex specialized in information technologies and communications

22/1 Bolshevikov ave., St. Petersburg, Russia

Rimsky-Korsakov Museum-apartment

The apartment of the Russian famous composer N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov

28 Zagorodny ave., St. Petersburg, Russia

Travel to St. Petersburg

By Air

Pulkovo International Airport is located 23 km south from the town. You can get to the city by bus or taxi.


For travel to Russia most of our guests will need visa. On further details about getting visa please contact us.


We agreed on a special discount for our guests with the Koffer Residences Hostel (450 RUR/night) and the Ambassador Hotel (4 stars, single room — 4660 RUR/night, double room — 5410 RUR/night). Both places located near metro station and two conference venues, including the Rimsky-Korsakov Museum-apartment. To get the special rates, please book a hostel/hotel by writing a letter to s.dozmorov@ambassador-hotel.ru noting that you are the ICSC2015 participant. Regarding any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.



For any questions, please contact us by email: icsc2015@yahoo.com


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