Thursday Sep. 26
Opening Concert

Theater - 09:15 PM

First Part

Edgar Varèse

    Poème électronique (1958) - 12'
    Ambisonic spatialization
    Tommaso Giunti, Andrea Gori and Claudio Marcozzi, project and performing
    LEMS (Electronic Laboratory for Experimental Music of the Rossini Conservatory)

Enrico Francioni

    Cluster I (2011) - 4'30”
    For double bass, live electronics and fixed medium
    Enrico Francioni, one-man-performance

Anthony Di Furia

    Piano Selvatico (Wild Plane) (2017) - 10'
    Fixed Medium Ambisonic

Carlo Fatigoni

    Vesperbilder (2019) - 15'
    Sacred movie + digital sound

Pink Floyd/James Cosby

    On the run (1973/2019) - 5'
    Live electronics & synchronised video
    James Edward Cosby, iVCS3 and Controller

Second Part

Jean-Basile Sosa (*)

    Quelque chose noir (2018) - 10'29"
For soprano and fixed medium
Laura Muncaciu, soprano

Gianni Della Vittoria

    Glitch and spike (2019) - 5'47"

Joachim Heintz

    The Grief of the Fishes (2019) - 12'

Keith Emerson

    Abaddon’s Bolero (1971/2017) - 8'
    Tribute to Keith Emerson and Bob Moog mood ensemble:
    Eugenio Giordani, Hammond/Trumpet/Tuba/Solo Final Lead
    Alessandro Petrolati, Piccolo/Synth1/Triad Lead
    Pierfrancesco Ceregioli, Strings
    Elena Alessandra Petrolati, Tuba
    Andrea Petrolati, Bass
    Alessandro Guerri, Drum Set
    Transcription and arrangement, Eugenio Giordani

* Call for Music, selected Composer

Concert I - Friday Sep. 27
Live Csound

In memory of a brilliant, passionate, and truly gifted young csounder – Shengzheng Zhang (a.k.a. John Towse)

Theater - 09:15 PM

First Part

Luís Antunes Pena (*)

    Im Rauschen, cantabile (2012) - 7'17"
    For double bass and live electronics
    Jakob Krupp, double bass

Richard Boulanger

    Cloning A Dinosaur from Trapped DNA (2019) - 12'
    Live SOLO Modular Synthesizer Performance

Guenter Steinke

    Arcade (1991/2019) - 11'
    For cello and live electronics
    Csound version by Joachim Heintz, with Marijana Janevska, Daria Cheikh-Sarraf, Farhad Illaghi Hosseini, Philipp Henkel, Shadi Kassaee, Dilxat Dawut, Hunjoo Jung
    Nigel Thean, cello

Tarmo Johannes

    Dark-warm (2019) - 8'/13'
    For DIY contrabass flute, live electronics and audience on smartphones
    Tarmo Johannes, bass flute

* Call for Music, selected Composer

Second Part

Øyvind Brandtsegg

    Superstring Theories (2018) - 10'
    For solo instrument and live electronics
    Bernt Isak Wærstad (co-musician), physical model of a string
    over the internet, with one end in Cagli and one end in Oslo

Richard Boulanger / Steven YI

    Integrating Thought and Time Patterns – Reflecting on Captured Moments (2019) - 15'
    A duet by Steven Yi, live coding and Richard Boulanger, live sampling

Alex Hofmann

    65.4 (2019) - 3'30"
    Live electronics including digital processing, embedded systems, live coding
    Alex Hofmann, halfphysler
    Sebastian Schmutzhard, cello and COSMO live electronics

Shadi Kassaee (*)

    Duo for Half-Physler and Alma (2019) - 3'59"
    Live electronics

    * Call for Music, selected Composer

Concert II - Saturday Sep. 28
Call for Music, selected Composers

Theater - 09:15 PM

First Part

Marijana Janevska

    Purusha (2019) - 4'17"
    Fixed medium

Pinda D Ho

    Parle Do I (2019) - 5'46"
    Fixed medium

Daria Cheikh-Sarraf

    To crumble (2019) - 6'56"
    Fixed Medium

Dario Casillo

    Bollettino di un viaggio ordinario (2013) - 7'30"
    Fixed medium

Riccardo Sellan

    341 (2016) - 8'21"
    Fixed medium

Second Part

Roberto Cassano

    Anjo Daza (2018) - 8'19"
    Fixed medium

Jon Christopher Nelson

    When Left To His Own Devices (2018) - 8'40"
    Fixed Medium

Massimiliano Tonelli

    Dolcissima mia vita (2018) - 9'21"
    Fixed medium

Roberto Doati

    Cacio N.5 (2015/2016)- 9'57"
    Ambisonics composition

Concert III - Sunday Sep. 29

Theater - 05:15 PM

First Part

Fernando Mencherini

    La pista (1991) - 8'
    For soprano saxophone

Fernando Mencherini

    Piangere la pietra - III Studio sul Disoriente (1996) - 5'
    Version for baritone saxophone and voice - text taken from Laborintus (14) by Edoardo Sanguineti; voice recorded on tape by Edoardo Sanguineti (1996)

Roberto Doati

    Il domestico di Edgar (1996-…) - 7'
    A ruled improvisation for alto saxophone and tape (Octandre ad libitum)

Carmine Emanuele Cella

    Improvviso statico I (2012) - 12'
    For sax alto and live electronics
  • Gianpaolo Antongirolami, saxophone

  • LEMS (Electronic Laboratory for Experimental Music of the Rossini Conservatory), sound direction

  • Second Part

    Juan Escudero (*)

      Monólithos (2018) - 8'21"
      Fixed medium

    Antonio Mazzotti (*)

      On ne s'est jamais vus à TimeSSquare (2018) - 10'45"
      Fixed medium

    Shane Byrne (*)

      TenterHooks (2018) - 8'28"
      Fixed medium

    * Call for Music, selected Composers