Paper submissions

  • • March 01: paper submission opens

  • • May 31: paper submission deadline

  • • NEW DEADLINE - July 15: paper submission deadline

  • • August 1: paper notification of acceptance

  • • August 19: camera–ready submission deadline

  • • September 15: new camera–ready submission deadline

    Music submissions

  • • March 01: music submission opens

  • • May 31: music submission deadline

  • • NEW DEADLINE - June 15: music submission deadline

  • • August 19: music notification of acceptance

  • Calls and submissions

    The Fifth International Csound Conference – ICSC2019 welcomes the submission of music and papers covering all topics related to Csound.

    Call for papers

    The paper submission deadline is

  • ❌ CLOSED - July 15 2019

    No modification will be allowed of author(s) information, title, abstract and keywords of the submissions after that date. All deadlines expire at 23:55 GTM of the given date. Please check the important dates and deadlines for more details. Papers are welcome on all topics related to Csound. The list of topics of interest includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    • New sound synthesis and/or processing technique

    • Sound research using Csound

    • Interdisciplinary research projects using Csound

    • Csound in Music Live Electronics

    • Csound for algorithmic composition

    • Csound in mobile applications

    • Csound on embedded systems

    • Csound in web-based applications

    • Csound as audio engine for VST, Audio Unit etc.

    • New Csound opcodes

    • New interfaces, front ends and development environments

    • Live coding with Csound

    Submissions and guidelines

    All contributions are to be submitted through EasyChair conference system, and will be peer-reviewed in a double blind process by a qualified committee. The maximum paper length is six pages including abstract, figures, tables and eventual references. An additional seventh page is accepted provided it only includes references. To guarantee the double blind review process, manuscripts should not include the author names or affiliations.


    Manuscripts should be prepared according to the provided template, that also includes more detailed formatting guidelines.

    LaTeX template and document class file, strongly preferred

    Open Document Text template and fonts, to be used as a second choice

    Call for music

    The call for music is open until

  • ❌ CLOSED - June 15 2019

    Pieces are welcome in all styles, realised using Csound. All pieces will be reviewed in a double blind process by a qualified music committee.

    Submissions will be accepted in the following categories:

    1. Electroacoustic Music on fixed medium

    2. Live electronics (including digital processing, embedded systems, live coding)

    3. Mixed pieces for instrument(s) and electronics (fixed medium and/or interactive)

    4. Ambisonics composition

    The system will be available for sound diffusion: octophonic 8.2 system distributed in a regular octagon. More details about the 8-channel sound system and loudspeaker layout can be found in this document.

    General guidelines

    Everyone is invited to submit up to three pieces; however, only one piece per author will be accepted. Please note that while for categories 1, 2, 3 and 4, the maximum duration is 16 minutes, shorter pieces might have a better chance to be accepted. Submissions in these categories must not exceed the available sound system 8.2, described above. About Ambisonics composition, you must send the piece/s decoded already. Pieces including live performance can be programmed only if the author(s) provide the necessary performers.


    Please fill the fields corresponding to your name and e-mail address, and set the Subject to the title of your piece. In the body of the message you must include a link to a downloadable compressed archive containing two files:

    • the submission form, with all fields appropriately filled;

    • compressed recording of the piece in mp3 (320kbps).

    Please submit a stereo mix down, the multichannel version will be requested in case of acceptance. For submissions in category 3, the recording should include the instrumental part(s). Submissions of pieces without a fixed version (live electronics, interactive pieces) should include a recording of an example realization of the piece, together with a complete description in the submission form.
 The PDF are to be submitted through this e-mail address

    For further inquiries about submissions, please do not hesitate to contact us