Csound API  6.07
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
[detail level 12]
 CcontrolChannelHints_sThis structure holds the parameter hints for control channels
 CCS_AUDIODEVICEDevice information
 CCSOUND_Contains all function pointers, data, and data pointers required to run one instance of Csound
 CCSOUND_PARAMSCsound configuration structure, mirrors part of OPARMS, uses more meaningful names
 CcsRtAudioParamsReal-time audio parameters structure
 Cengine_stateThis struct will hold the current engine state after compilation
 CeventThis struct holds the data for one score event
 CinsdsThis struct holds the info for a concrete instrument event instance in performance
 CinstrThis struct is filled out by otran() at orch parse time
 CMODULE_INFOPlugin module info
 CopA chain of TEXT structs
 CopdsThis struct holds the info for one opcode in a concrete instrument instance in performance
 CtextStorage for parsed orchestra code, for each opcode in an INSTRTXT