Csound API  6.07
CSOUND_ Struct Reference

Contains all function pointers, data, and data pointers required to run one instance of Csound. More...

#include <csoundCore.h>

Data Structures

struct  libsndStatics__
struct  lineventStatics__
struct  musmonStatics__
struct  onefileStatics__
struct  sreadStatics__

Data Fields

uint32_t(* GetKsmps )(CSOUND *)
uint32_t(* GetNchnls )(CSOUND *)
 Get number of output channels. More...
uint32_t(* GetNchnls_i )(CSOUND *)
 Get number of input channels. More...
uint64_t(* GetKcounter )(CSOUND *)
 Get number of control blocks elapsed. More...
int64_t(* GetCurrentTimeSamples )(CSOUND *)
long(* GetInputBufferSize )(CSOUND *)
long(* GetOutputBufferSize )(CSOUND *)
MYFLT *(* GetInputBuffer )(CSOUND *)
MYFLT *(* GetOutputBuffer )(CSOUND *)
void(* SetDebug )(CSOUND *, int d)
 Set internal debug mode. More...
int(* GetDebug )(CSOUND *)
int(* GetSizeOfMYFLT )(void)
void(* GetOParms )(CSOUND *, OPARMS *)
const char *(* GetEnv )(CSOUND *, const char *name)
 Get environment variable. More...
Message printout
CS_PRINTF2 void(* Message )(CSOUND *, const char *fmt,...)
CS_PRINTF3 void(* MessageS )(CSOUND *, int attr, const char *fmt,...)
void(* MessageV )(CSOUND *, int attr, const char *format, va_list args)
int(* GetMessageLevel )(CSOUND *)
void(* SetMessageLevel )(CSOUND *, int messageLevel)
void(* SetMessageCallback )(CSOUND *, void(*csoundMessageCallback)(CSOUND *, int attr, const char *format, va_list valist))
Event and MIDI functionality for opcodes
int(* SetReleaseLength )(void *p, int n)
MYFLT(* SetReleaseLengthSeconds )(void *p, MYFLT n)
int(* GetMidiChannelNumber )(void *p)
MCHNBLK *(* GetMidiChannel )(void *p)
int(* GetMidiNoteNumber )(void *p)
int(* GetMidiVelocity )(void *p)
int(* GetReleaseFlag )(void *p)
double(* GetOffTime )(void *p)
MYFLT *(* GetPFields )(void *p)
int(* GetInstrumentNumber )(void *p)
int(* GetZakBounds )(CSOUND *, MYFLT **)
int(* GetTieFlag )(CSOUND *)
int(* GetReinitFlag )(CSOUND *)
int(* GetStrsmax )(CSOUND *)
 Current maximum number of strings, accessible through the strset and strget opcodes. More...
char *(* GetStrsets )(CSOUND *, long)
MYFLT(* intpow )(MYFLT, int32)
char *(* type2string )(int type)
Arguments to opcodes
CS_TYPE *(* GetTypeForArg )(void *p)
int(* GetInputArgCnt )(void *p)
char *(* GetInputArgName )(void *p, int n)
int(* GetOutputArgCnt )(void *p)
char *(* GetOutputArgName )(void *p, int n)
char *(* GetString )(CSOUND *, MYFLT)
int32(* strarg2insno )(CSOUND *, void *p, int is_string)
char *(* strarg2name )(CSOUND *, char *, void *, const char *, int)
Memory allocation
void(* AuxAlloc )(CSOUND *, size_t nbytes, AUXCH *auxchp)
void *(* Malloc )(CSOUND *, size_t nbytes)
void *(* Calloc )(CSOUND *, size_t nbytes)
void *(* ReAlloc )(CSOUND *, void *oldp, size_t nbytes)
char *(* Strdup )(CSOUND *, char *)
void(* Free )(CSOUND *, void *ptr)
Function tables
int(* hfgens )(CSOUND *, FUNC **, const EVTBLK *, int)
int(* FTAlloc )(CSOUND *, int tableNum, int len)
int(* FTDelete )(CSOUND *, int tableNum)
FUNC *(* FTFind )(CSOUND *, MYFLT *argp)
 Find tables with power of two size. More...
FUNC *(* FTFindP )(CSOUND *, MYFLT *argp)
 Find any table, except deferred load tables. More...
FUNC *(* FTnp2Find )(CSOUND *, MYFLT *argp)
 Find any table. More...
int(* GetTable )(CSOUND *, MYFLT **tablePtr, int tableNum)
int(* TableLength )(CSOUND *, int table)
MYFLT(* TableGet )(CSOUND *, int table, int index)
void(* TableSet )(CSOUND *, int table, int index, MYFLT value)
void *(* GetNamedGens )(CSOUND *)
Global and config variable manipulation
int(* CreateGlobalVariable )(CSOUND *, const char *name, size_t nbytes)
void *(* QueryGlobalVariable )(CSOUND *, const char *name)
void *(* QueryGlobalVariableNoCheck )(CSOUND *, const char *name)
int(* DestroyGlobalVariable )(CSOUND *, const char *name)
int(* CreateConfigurationVariable )(CSOUND *, const char *name, void *p, int type, int flags, void *min, void *max, const char *shortDesc, const char *longDesc)
int(* SetConfigurationVariable )(CSOUND *, const char *name, void *value)
int(* ParseConfigurationVariable )(CSOUND *, const char *name, const char *value)
csCfgVariable_t *(* QueryConfigurationVariable )(CSOUND *, const char *name)
csCfgVariable_t **(* ListConfigurationVariables )(CSOUND *)
int(* DeleteConfigurationVariable )(CSOUND *, const char *name)
const char *(* CfgErrorCodeToString )(int errcode)
FFT support
MYFLT(* GetInverseComplexFFTScale )(CSOUND *, int FFTsize)
MYFLT(* GetInverseRealFFTScale )(CSOUND *, int FFTsize)
void(* ComplexFFT )(CSOUND *, MYFLT *buf, int FFTsize)
void(* InverseComplexFFT )(CSOUND *, MYFLT *buf, int FFTsize)
void(* RealFFT )(CSOUND *, MYFLT *buf, int FFTsize)
void(* InverseRealFFT )(CSOUND *, MYFLT *buf, int FFTsize)
void(* RealFFTMult )(CSOUND *, MYFLT *outbuf, MYFLT *buf1, MYFLT *buf2, int FFTsize, MYFLT scaleFac)
void(* RealFFTnp2 )(CSOUND *, MYFLT *buf, int FFTsize)
void(* InverseRealFFTnp2 )(CSOUND *, MYFLT *buf, int FFTsize)
PVOC-EX system
int(* PVOC_CreateFile )(CSOUND *, const char *, uint32, uint32, uint32, uint32, int32, int, int, float, float *, uint32)
int(* PVOC_OpenFile )(CSOUND *, const char *, void *, void *)
int(* PVOC_CloseFile )(CSOUND *, int)
int(* PVOC_PutFrames )(CSOUND *, int, const float *, int32)
int(* PVOC_GetFrames )(CSOUND *, int, float *, uint32)
int(* PVOC_FrameCount )(CSOUND *, int)
int(* PVOC_fseek )(CSOUND *, int, int)
const char *(* PVOC_ErrorString )(CSOUND *)
int(* PVOCEX_LoadFile )(CSOUND *, const char *, PVOCEX_MEMFILE *)
Error messages
CS_NORETURN CS_PRINTF2 void(* Die )(CSOUND *, const char *msg,...)
CS_PRINTF2 int(* InitError )(CSOUND *, const char *msg,...)
CS_PRINTF3 int(* PerfError )(CSOUND *, INSDS *ip, const char *msg,...)
CS_PRINTF2 void(* Warning )(CSOUND *, const char *msg,...)
CS_PRINTF2 void(* DebugMsg )(CSOUND *, const char *msg,...)
CS_NORETURN void(* LongJmp )(CSOUND *, int)
CS_PRINTF2 void(* ErrorMsg )(CSOUND *, const char *fmt,...)
void(* ErrMsgV )(CSOUND *, const char *hdr, const char *fmt, va_list)
Random numbers
uint32_t(* GetRandomSeedFromTime )(void)
void(* SeedRandMT )(CsoundRandMTState *p, const uint32_t *initKey, uint32_t keyLength)
uint32_t(* RandMT )(CsoundRandMTState *p)
int(* Rand31 )(int *seedVal)
int(* GetRandSeed )(CSOUND *, int which)
Threads and locks
void *(* CreateThread )(uintptr_t(*threadRoutine)(void *), void *userdata)
uintptr_t(* JoinThread )(void *thread)
void *(* CreateThreadLock )(void)
void(* DestroyThreadLock )(void *lock)
int(* WaitThreadLock )(void *lock, size_t milliseconds)
void(* NotifyThreadLock )(void *lock)
void(* WaitThreadLockNoTimeout )(void *lock)
void *(* Create_Mutex )(int isRecursive)
int(* LockMutexNoWait )(void *mutex_)
void(* LockMutex )(void *mutex_)
void(* UnlockMutex )(void *mutex_)
void(* DestroyMutex )(void *mutex_)
void *(* CreateBarrier )(unsigned int max)
int(* DestroyBarrier )(void *)
int(* WaitBarrier )(void *)
void *(* GetCurrentThreadID )(void)
void(* Sleep )(size_t milliseconds)
void(* InitTimerStruct )(RTCLOCK *)
double(* GetRealTime )(RTCLOCK *)
double(* GetCPUTime )(RTCLOCK *)
Circular lock-free buffer
void *(* CreateCircularBuffer )(CSOUND *, int, int)
int(* ReadCircularBuffer )(CSOUND *, void *, void *, int)
int(* WriteCircularBuffer )(CSOUND *, void *, const void *, int)
void(* FlushCircularBuffer )(CSOUND *, void *)
void(* DestroyCircularBuffer )(CSOUND *, void *)
File access
char *(* FindInputFile )(CSOUND *, const char *filename, const char *envList)
char *(* FindOutputFile )(CSOUND *, const char *filename, const char *envList)
void *(* SAsndgetset )(CSOUND *, char *, void *, MYFLT *, MYFLT *, MYFLT *, int)
void *(* sndgetset )(CSOUND *, void *)
int(* getsndin )(CSOUND *, void *, MYFLT *, int, void *)
void(* rewriteheader )(void *ofd)
SNDMEMFILE *(* LoadSoundFile )(CSOUND *, const char *, void *)
void(* FDRecord )(CSOUND *, FDCH *fdchp)
void(* FDClose )(CSOUND *, FDCH *fdchp)
void *(* CreateFileHandle )(CSOUND *, void *, int, const char *)
char *(* GetFileName )(void *)
int(* FileClose )(CSOUND *, void *)
void *(* FileOpen2 )(CSOUND *, void *, int, const char *, void *, const char *, int, int)
int(* type2csfiletype )(int type, int encoding)
void(* NotifyFileOpened )(CSOUND *, const char *, int, int, int)
int(* sftype2csfiletype )(int type)
MEMFIL *(* ldmemfile2withCB )(CSOUND *, const char *, int, int(*callback)(CSOUND *, MEMFIL *))
void *(* FileOpenAsync )(CSOUND *, void *, int, const char *, void *, const char *, int, int, int)
unsigned int(* ReadAsync )(CSOUND *, void *, MYFLT *, int)
unsigned int(* WriteAsync )(CSOUND *, void *, MYFLT *, int)
int(* FSeekAsync )(CSOUND *, void *, int, int)
char *(* getstrformat )(int format)
int(* sfsampsize )(int format)
RT audio IO and callbacks
void(* SetPlayopenCallback )(CSOUND *, int(*playopen__)(CSOUND *, const csRtAudioParams *parm))
void(* SetRtplayCallback )(CSOUND *, void(*rtplay__)(CSOUND *, const MYFLT *outBuf, int nbytes))
void(* SetRecopenCallback )(CSOUND *, int(*recopen__)(CSOUND *, const csRtAudioParams *parm))
void(* SetRtrecordCallback )(CSOUND *, int(*rtrecord__)(CSOUND *, MYFLT *inBuf, int nbytes))
void(* SetRtcloseCallback )(CSOUND *, void(*rtclose__)(CSOUND *))
void(* SetAudioDeviceListCallback )(CSOUND *csound, int(*audiodevlist__)(CSOUND *, CS_AUDIODEVICE *list, int isOutput))
void **(* GetRtRecordUserData )(CSOUND *)
void **(* GetRtPlayUserData )(CSOUND *)
int(* GetDitherMode )(CSOUND *)
RT MIDI and callbacks
void(* SetExternalMidiInOpenCallback )(CSOUND *, int(*func)(CSOUND *, void **, const char *))
void(* SetExternalMidiReadCallback )(CSOUND *, int(*func)(CSOUND *, void *, unsigned char *, int))
void(* SetExternalMidiInCloseCallback )(CSOUND *, int(*func)(CSOUND *, void *))
void(* SetExternalMidiOutOpenCallback )(CSOUND *, int(*func)(CSOUND *, void **, const char *))
void(* SetExternalMidiWriteCallback )(CSOUND *, int(*func)(CSOUND *, void *, const unsigned char *, int))
void(* SetExternalMidiOutCloseCallback )(CSOUND *, int(*func)(CSOUND *, void *))
void(* SetExternalMidiErrorStringCallback )(CSOUND *, const char *(*func)(int))
void(* SetMIDIDeviceListCallback )(CSOUND *csound, int(*audiodevlist__)(CSOUND *, CS_MIDIDEVICE *list, int isOutput))
void(* module_list_add )(CSOUND *, char *, char *)
Displays & graphs
void(* dispset )(CSOUND *, WINDAT *, MYFLT *, int32, char *, int, char *)
void(* display )(CSOUND *, WINDAT *)
int(* dispexit )(CSOUND *)
void(* dispinit )(CSOUND *)
int(* SetIsGraphable )(CSOUND *, int isGraphable)
void(* SetMakeGraphCallback )(CSOUND *, void(*makeGraphCallback)(CSOUND *, WINDAT *p, const char *name))
void(* SetDrawGraphCallback )(CSOUND *, void(*drawGraphCallback)(CSOUND *, WINDAT *p))
void(* SetKillGraphCallback )(CSOUND *, void(*killGraphCallback)(CSOUND *, WINDAT *p))
void(* SetExitGraphCallback )(CSOUND *, int(*exitGraphCallback)(CSOUND *))
Generic callbacks
void(* SetYieldCallback )(CSOUND *, int(*yieldCallback)(CSOUND *))
int(* Set_KeyCallback )(CSOUND *, int(*func)(void *, void *, unsigned int), void *userData, unsigned int typeMask)
void(* Remove_KeyCallback )(CSOUND *, int(*func)(void *, void *, unsigned int))
int(* RegisterSenseEventCallback )(CSOUND *, void(*func)(CSOUND *, void *), void *userData)
int(* RegisterDeinitCallback )(CSOUND *, void *p, int(*func)(CSOUND *, void *))
int(* RegisterResetCallback )(CSOUND *, void *userData, int(*func)(CSOUND *, void *))
void(* SetInternalYieldCallback )(CSOUND *, int(*yieldCallback)(CSOUND *))
Opcodes and instruments
int(* AppendOpcode )(CSOUND *, const char *opname, int dsblksiz, int flags, int thread, const char *outypes, const char *intypes, int(*iopadr)(CSOUND *, void *), int(*kopadr)(CSOUND *, void *), int(*aopadr)(CSOUND *, void *))
int(* AppendOpcodes )(CSOUND *, const OENTRY *opcodeList, int n)
char *(* GetOpcodeName )(void *p)
INSTRTXT **(* GetInstrumentList )(CSOUND *)
Events and performance
int(* CheckEvents )(CSOUND *)
int(* insert_score_event )(CSOUND *, EVTBLK *, double)
int(* insert_score_event_at_sample )(CSOUND *, EVTBLK *, int64_t)
int(* PerformKsmps )(CSOUND *)
int(* AddUtility )(CSOUND *, const char *name, int(*UtilFunc)(CSOUND *, int, char **))
int(* RunUtility )(CSOUND *, const char *name, int argc, char **argv)
char **(* ListUtilities )(CSOUND *)
int(* SetUtilityDescription )(CSOUND *, const char *utilName, const char *utilDesc)
const char *(* GetUtilityDescription )(CSOUND *, const char *utilName)
void(* SetUtilSr )(CSOUND *, MYFLT)
void(* SetUtilNchnls )(CSOUND *, int)
long(* RunCommand )(const char *const *argv, int noWait)
int(* OpenLibrary )(void **library, const char *libraryPath)
int(* CloseLibrary )(void *library)
void *(* GetLibrarySymbol )(void *library, const char *procedureName)
char *(* LocalizeString )(const char *) __attribute__((format_arg(1)))
char *(* strtok_r )(char *, char *, char **)
double(* strtod )(char *, char **)
int(* sprintf )(char *str, const char *format,...)
int(* sscanf )(char *str, const char *format,...)
MYFLT(* system_sr )(CSOUND *, MYFLT)
Score Event s
MYFLT(* GetScoreOffsetSeconds )(CSOUND *)
void(* SetScoreOffsetSeconds )(CSOUND *, MYFLT offset)
void(* RewindScore )(CSOUND *)
void(* InputMessage )(CSOUND *, const char *message__)
void *(* RealFFT2Setup )(CSOUND *csound, int FFTsize, int d)
void(* RealFFT2 )(CSOUND *csound, void *p, MYFLT *sig)

To allow the API to grow while maintining backward binary compatibility.

SUBR dummyfn_2 [40]
Private Data

Private Data in the CSOUND struct to be used internally by the Csound library and should be hidden from plugins.

If a new variable member is needed by the library, add it below, as a private data member. If access is required solely by plugins (and not internally by the library), use the CreateGlobalVariable() etc. interface, instead of adding to CSOUND.

If you find that a plugin needs to access existing private data, first check above for an existing interface; if none is available, add one. Please avoid giving full access, or allowing plugins to change the values of private members, by using one of the two methods below:

1) To get the data member value:

returnType (*GetVar)(CSOUND *)

2) in case of pointers, data should be copied out to a supplied memory slot, rather than the pointer being obtained:

void (*GetData)(CSOUND *, dataType *)
dataType var;
csound->GetData(csound, &var);
SUBR first_callback_
channelCallback_t InputChannelCallback_
channelCallback_t OutputChannelCallback_
void(* csoundMessageCallback_ )(CSOUND *, int attr, const char *format, va_list args)
int(* csoundConfigureCallback_ )(CSOUND *)
void(* csoundMakeGraphCallback_ )(CSOUND *, WINDAT *windat, const char *name)
void(* csoundDrawGraphCallback_ )(CSOUND *, WINDAT *windat)
void(* csoundKillGraphCallback_ )(CSOUND *, WINDAT *windat)
int(* csoundExitGraphCallback_ )(CSOUND *)
int(* csoundYieldCallback_ )(CSOUND *)
void(* cscoreCallback_ )(CSOUND *)
void(* FileOpenCallback_ )(CSOUND *, const char *, int, int, int)
SUBR last_callback_
int(* playopen_callback )(CSOUND *, const csRtAudioParams *parm)
void(* rtplay_callback )(CSOUND *, const MYFLT *outBuf, int nbytes)
int(* recopen_callback )(CSOUND *, const csRtAudioParams *parm)
int(* rtrecord_callback )(CSOUND *, MYFLT *inBuf, int nbytes)
void(* rtclose_callback )(CSOUND *)
int(* audio_dev_list_callback )(CSOUND *, CS_AUDIODEVICE *, int)
int(* midi_dev_list_callback )(CSOUND *, CS_MIDIDEVICE *, int)
int(* doCsoundCallback )(CSOUND *, void *, unsigned int)
int(* csoundInternalYieldCallback_ )(CSOUND *)
void(* spinrecv )(CSOUND *)
void(* spoutran )(CSOUND *)
int(* audrecv )(CSOUND *, MYFLT *, int)
void(* audtran )(CSOUND *, const MYFLT *, int)
void * hostdata
char * orchname
char * scorename
ENGINE_STATE engineState
INSTRTXT ** dead_instr_pool
int dead_instr_no
TYPE_POOL * typePool
unsigned int ksmps
uint32_t nchnls
int inchnls
int spoutactive
uint64_t kcounter
uint64_t global_kcounter
int64_t icurTime
 current time in seconds, inc. More...
double curTime_inc
double timeOffs
 start time of current section More...
double beatOffs
double curBeat
 current time in beats, inc per kprd More...
double curBeat_inc
int64_t ibeatTime
 beat time = 60 / tempo More...
MYFLT cpu_power_busy
char * xfilename
int peakchunks
int keep_tmp
CS_HASH_TABLE * opcodes
int32 nrecs
FILE * Linepipe
int Linefd
void * csoundCallbacks_
FILE * scfp
FILE * oscfp
uint32 maxpos [MAXCHNLS]
uint32 smaxpos [MAXCHNLS]
uint32 omaxpos [MAXCHNLS]
FILE * scorein
FILE * scoreout
int * argoffspace
MYFLT * zkstart
long zklast
MYFLT * zastart
long zalast
void * stdOp_Env
 reserved for std opcode library More...
int holdrand
int randSeed1
int randSeed2
int strsmax
char ** strsets
MYFLT * spin
MYFLT * spout
int nspin
int nspout
MYFLT * auxspin
MCHNBLKm_chnbp [64]
 reserve space for up to 4 MIDI devices More...
int dither_output
MYFLT onedsr
MYFLT sicvt
MYFLT tpidsr
MYFLT pidsr
MYFLT mpidsr
MYFLT mtpdsr
MYFLT onedksmps
MYFLT onedkr
MYFLT kicvt
int reinitflag
int tieflag
MYFLT e0dbfs
MYFLT dbfs_to_float
void * rtRecord_userdata
void * rtPlay_userdata
jmp_buf exitjmp
SRTBLK * frstbp
int sectcnt
int inerrcnt
int synterrcnt
int perferrcnt
INSDS actanchor
int32 rngcnt [MAXCHNLS]
int16 rngflg
int16 multichan
void * evtFuncChain
int csoundIsScorePending_
int64_t advanceCnt
int initonly
int evt_poll_cnt
int evt_poll_maxcnt
int Mforcdecs
int Mxtroffs
int MTrkend
FUNC ** flist
int maxfnum
int genmax
CS_HASH_TABLE * namedGlobals
CS_HASH_TABLE * cfgVariableDB
double prvbt
double curbt
double nxtbt
double curp2
double nxtim
int64_t cyclesRemaining
void * memalloc_db
int FFT_max_size
void * FFT_table_1
void * FFT_table_2
void * tseg
void * tpsave
void * tplim
MYFLT * gbloffbas
pthread_t file_io_thread
int file_io_start
void * file_io_threadlock
int realtime_audio_flag
pthread_t init_pass_thread
int init_pass_loop
void * init_pass_threadlock
void * API_lock
int spoutlock
int spinlock
int memlock
int spinlock1
char * delayederrormessages
void * printerrormessagesflag
struct CSOUND_::sreadStatics__ sreadStatics
struct CSOUND_::onefileStatics__ onefileStatics
struct CSOUND_::lineventStatics__ lineventStatics
struct CSOUND_::musmonStatics__ musmonStatics
struct CSOUND_::libsndStatics__ libsndStatics
int warped
int sstrlen
char * sstrbuf
int enableMsgAttr
int sampsNeeded
MYFLT csoundScoreOffsetSeconds_
int inChar_
int isGraphable_
int delayr_stack_depth
void * first_delayr
void * last_delayr
int32 revlpsiz [6]
int32 revlpsum
double rndfrac
MYFLT * logbase2
void * namedgen
void * open_files
void * searchPathCache
CS_HASH_TABLE * sndmemfiles
void * reset_list
void * pvFileTable
int pvNumFiles
int pvErrorCode
int enableHostImplementedAudioIO
int enableHostImplementedMIDIIO
int hostRequestedBufferSize
char engineStatus
char stdin_assign_flg
char stdout_assign_flg
char orcname_mode
int use_only_orchfile
void * csmodule_db
char * dl_opcodes_oplibs
char * SF_csd_licence
char * SF_id_title
char * SF_id_copyright
int SF_id_scopyright
char * SF_id_software
char * SF_id_artist
char * SF_id_comment
char * SF_id_date
void * utility_db
int16 * isintab
void * lprdaddr
int currentLPCSlot
int max_lpc_slot
CS_HASH_TABLE * chn_db
int opcodedirWasOK
int disable_csd_options
CsoundRandMTState randState_
int performState
int ugens4_rand_16
int ugens4_rand_15
void * schedule_kicked
MYFLT * disprep_fftcoefs
void * winEPS_globals
OPARMS oparms_
void * remoteGlobals
int nchanif
int nchanof
char * chanif
char * chanof
void * multiThreadedBarrier1
void * multiThreadedBarrier2
int multiThreadedComplete
struct dag_t * multiThreadedDag
pthread_barrier_t * barrier1
pthread_barrier_t * barrier2
struct global_var_lock_t * global_var_lock_root
struct global_var_lock_t ** global_var_lock_cache
int global_var_lock_count
struct instr_semantics_t * instCurr
struct instr_semantics_t * instRoot
int inInstr
int dag_changed
int dag_num_active
INSDS ** dag_task_map
volatile stateWithPadding * dag_task_status
watchList *volatile * dag_task_watch
watchList * dag_wlmm
char ** dag_task_dep
int dag_task_max_size
uint32_t tempStatus
int orcLineOffset
int scoLineOffset
char * csdname
int parserUdoflag
int parserNamedInstrFlag
int tran_nchnlsi
int scnt
int strsiz
int sinelength
MYFLT * powerof2
MYFLT * cpsocfrc
char * filedir [256]
void * message_buffer
int jumpset
int info_message_request
int modules_loaded
MYFLT _system_sr
void * csdebug_data
int(* kperf )(CSOUND *)
int score_parser
CS_HASH_TABLE * symbtab
int tseglen

Detailed Description

Contains all function pointers, data, and data pointers required to run one instance of Csound.

PUBLIC functions in CSOUND_ These are used by plugins to access the Csound library functionality without the requirement of compile-time linkage to the csound library New functions only need to be added here if they are required by plugins.

Field Documentation

MYFLT CSOUND_::_system_sr
INSDS CSOUND_::actanchor
int(* CSOUND_::AddUtility) (CSOUND *, const char *name, int(*UtilFunc)(CSOUND *, int, char **))
int64_t CSOUND_::advanceCnt
void* CSOUND_::API_lock
int(* CSOUND_::AppendOpcode) (CSOUND *, const char *opname, int dsblksiz, int flags, int thread, const char *outypes, const char *intypes, int(*iopadr)(CSOUND *, void *), int(*kopadr)(CSOUND *, void *), int(*aopadr)(CSOUND *, void *))
int(* CSOUND_::AppendOpcodes) (CSOUND *, const OENTRY *opcodeList, int n)
int* CSOUND_::argoffspace
int(* CSOUND_::audio_dev_list_callback) (CSOUND *, CS_AUDIODEVICE *, int)
int(* CSOUND_::audrecv) (CSOUND *, MYFLT *, int)
void(* CSOUND_::audtran) (CSOUND *, const MYFLT *, int)
void(* CSOUND_::AuxAlloc) (CSOUND *, size_t nbytes, AUXCH *auxchp)
MYFLT* CSOUND_::auxspin
pthread_barrier_t* CSOUND_::barrier1
pthread_barrier_t* CSOUND_::barrier2
double CSOUND_::beatOffs
void*(* CSOUND_::Calloc) (CSOUND *, size_t nbytes)
const char*(* CSOUND_::CfgErrorCodeToString) (int errcode)
char* CSOUND_::chanif
char * CSOUND_::chanof
int(* CSOUND_::CheckEvents) (CSOUND *)
int(* CSOUND_::CloseLibrary) (void *library)
void(* CSOUND_::ComplexFFT) (CSOUND *, MYFLT *buf, int FFTsize)
MYFLT* CSOUND_::cpsocfrc
MYFLT CSOUND_::cpu_power_busy
void*(* CSOUND_::Create_Mutex) (int isRecursive)
void*(* CSOUND_::CreateBarrier) (unsigned int max)
void*(* CSOUND_::CreateCircularBuffer) (CSOUND *, int, int)
int(* CSOUND_::CreateConfigurationVariable) (CSOUND *, const char *name, void *p, int type, int flags, void *min, void *max, const char *shortDesc, const char *longDesc)
void*(* CSOUND_::CreateFileHandle) (CSOUND *, void *, int, const char *)
int(* CSOUND_::CreateGlobalVariable) (CSOUND *, const char *name, size_t nbytes)
void*(* CSOUND_::CreateThread) (uintptr_t(*threadRoutine)(void *), void *userdata)
void*(* CSOUND_::CreateThreadLock) (void)
void(* CSOUND_::cscoreCallback_) (CSOUND *)
void* CSOUND_::csdebug_data
char* CSOUND_::csdname
void* CSOUND_::csmodule_db
void* CSOUND_::csoundCallbacks_
int(* CSOUND_::csoundConfigureCallback_) (CSOUND *)
void(* CSOUND_::csoundDrawGraphCallback_) (CSOUND *, WINDAT *windat)
int(* CSOUND_::csoundExitGraphCallback_) (CSOUND *)
int(* CSOUND_::csoundInternalYieldCallback_) (CSOUND *)
int CSOUND_::csoundIsScorePending_
void(* CSOUND_::csoundKillGraphCallback_) (CSOUND *, WINDAT *windat)
void(* CSOUND_::csoundMakeGraphCallback_) (CSOUND *, WINDAT *windat, const char *name)
void(* CSOUND_::csoundMessageCallback_) (CSOUND *, int attr, const char *format, va_list args)
MYFLT CSOUND_::csoundScoreOffsetSeconds_
int(* CSOUND_::csoundYieldCallback_) (CSOUND *)
CsoundRandMTState* CSOUND_::csRandState
double CSOUND_::curBeat

current time in beats, inc per kprd

double CSOUND_::curBeat_inc
double CSOUND_::curbt
double CSOUND_::curp2
int CSOUND_::currentLPCSlot
EVTBLK* CSOUND_::currevent
double CSOUND_::curTime_inc
int64_t CSOUND_::cyclesRemaining
int CSOUND_::dag_changed
int CSOUND_::dag_num_active
char** CSOUND_::dag_task_dep
INSDS** CSOUND_::dag_task_map
int CSOUND_::dag_task_max_size
volatile stateWithPadding* CSOUND_::dag_task_status
watchList* volatile* CSOUND_::dag_task_watch
watchList* CSOUND_::dag_wlmm
MYFLT CSOUND_::dbfs_to_float
int CSOUND_::dead_instr_no
INSTRTXT** CSOUND_::dead_instr_pool
CS_PRINTF2 void(* CSOUND_::DebugMsg) (CSOUND *, const char *msg,...)
char* CSOUND_::delayederrormessages
int CSOUND_::delayr_stack_depth
int(* CSOUND_::DeleteConfigurationVariable) (CSOUND *, const char *name)
int(* CSOUND_::DestroyBarrier) (void *)
void(* CSOUND_::DestroyCircularBuffer) (CSOUND *, void *)
int(* CSOUND_::DestroyGlobalVariable) (CSOUND *, const char *name)
void(* CSOUND_::DestroyMutex) (void *mutex_)
void(* CSOUND_::DestroyThreadLock) (void *lock)
CS_NORETURN CS_PRINTF2 void(* CSOUND_::Die) (CSOUND *, const char *msg,...)
int CSOUND_::disable_csd_options
int(* CSOUND_::dispexit) (CSOUND *)
void(* CSOUND_::dispinit) (CSOUND *)
void(* CSOUND_::display) (CSOUND *, WINDAT *)
MYFLT* CSOUND_::disprep_fftcoefs
void(* CSOUND_::dispset) (CSOUND *, WINDAT *, MYFLT *, int32, char *, int, char *)
int CSOUND_::dither_output
char* CSOUND_::dl_opcodes_oplibs
int(* CSOUND_::doCsoundCallback) (CSOUND *, void *, unsigned int)
SUBR CSOUND_::dummyfn_2[40]
int CSOUND_::enableHostImplementedAudioIO
int CSOUND_::enableHostImplementedMIDIIO
int CSOUND_::enableMsgAttr
char CSOUND_::engineStatus
void(* CSOUND_::ErrMsgV) (CSOUND *, const char *hdr, const char *fmt, va_list)
CS_PRINTF2 void(* CSOUND_::ErrorMsg) (CSOUND *, const char *fmt,...)
int CSOUND_::evt_poll_cnt
int CSOUND_::evt_poll_maxcnt
void* CSOUND_::evtFuncChain
jmp_buf CSOUND_::exitjmp
CORFIL* CSOUND_::expanded_orc
CORFIL* CSOUND_::expanded_sco
void(* CSOUND_::FDClose) (CSOUND *, FDCH *fdchp)
void(* CSOUND_::FDRecord) (CSOUND *, FDCH *fdchp)
int CSOUND_::FFT_max_size
void* CSOUND_::FFT_table_1
void* CSOUND_::FFT_table_2
int CSOUND_::file_io_start
pthread_t CSOUND_::file_io_thread
void* CSOUND_::file_io_threadlock
int(* CSOUND_::FileClose) (CSOUND *, void *)
char* CSOUND_::filedir[256]
void*(* CSOUND_::FileOpen2) (CSOUND *, void *, int, const char *, void *, const char *, int, int)
void*(* CSOUND_::FileOpenAsync) (CSOUND *, void *, int, const char *, void *, const char *, int, int, int)
void(* CSOUND_::FileOpenCallback_) (CSOUND *, const char *, int, int, int)
char*(* CSOUND_::FindInputFile) (CSOUND *, const char *filename, const char *envList)
char*(* CSOUND_::FindOutputFile) (CSOUND *, const char *filename, const char *envList)
SUBR CSOUND_::first_callback_
void* CSOUND_::first_delayr
FUNC** CSOUND_::flist
void(* CSOUND_::FlushCircularBuffer) (CSOUND *, void *)
void(* CSOUND_::Free) (CSOUND *, void *ptr)
EVTNODE* CSOUND_::freeEvtNodes
INSDS* CSOUND_::frstoff
int(* CSOUND_::FSeekAsync) (CSOUND *, void *, int, int)
int(* CSOUND_::FTAlloc) (CSOUND *, int tableNum, int len)
int(* CSOUND_::FTDelete) (CSOUND *, int tableNum)
FUNC*(* CSOUND_::FTFind) (CSOUND *, MYFLT *argp)

Find tables with power of two size.

If table exists but is not a power of 2, NULL is returned.


Find any table, except deferred load tables.

FUNC*(* CSOUND_::FTnp2Find) (CSOUND *, MYFLT *argp)

Find any table.

MYFLT* CSOUND_::gbloffbas
int CSOUND_::genmax
GEN* CSOUND_::gensub
double(* CSOUND_::GetCPUTime) (RTCLOCK *)
void*(* CSOUND_::GetCurrentThreadID) (void)
int64_t(* CSOUND_::GetCurrentTimeSamples) (CSOUND *)
int(* CSOUND_::GetDebug) (CSOUND *)
int(* CSOUND_::GetDitherMode) (CSOUND *)
const char*(* CSOUND_::GetEnv) (CSOUND *, const char *name)

Get environment variable.

char*(* CSOUND_::GetFileName) (void *)
int(* CSOUND_::GetInputArgCnt) (void *p)
char*(* CSOUND_::GetInputArgName) (void *p, int n)
MYFLT*(* CSOUND_::GetInputBuffer) (CSOUND *)
long(* CSOUND_::GetInputBufferSize) (CSOUND *)
INSTRTXT**(* CSOUND_::GetInstrumentList) (CSOUND *)
int(* CSOUND_::GetInstrumentNumber) (void *p)
MYFLT(* CSOUND_::GetInverseComplexFFTScale) (CSOUND *, int FFTsize)
MYFLT(* CSOUND_::GetInverseRealFFTScale) (CSOUND *, int FFTsize)
uint64_t(* CSOUND_::GetKcounter) (CSOUND *)

Get number of control blocks elapsed.

uint32_t(* CSOUND_::GetKsmps) (CSOUND *)
void*(* CSOUND_::GetLibrarySymbol) (void *library, const char *procedureName)
int(* CSOUND_::GetMessageLevel) (CSOUND *)
MCHNBLK*(* CSOUND_::GetMidiChannel) (void *p)
int(* CSOUND_::GetMidiChannelNumber) (void *p)
int(* CSOUND_::GetMidiNoteNumber) (void *p)
int(* CSOUND_::GetMidiVelocity) (void *p)
void*(* CSOUND_::GetNamedGens) (CSOUND *)
uint32_t(* CSOUND_::GetNchnls) (CSOUND *)

Get number of output channels.

uint32_t(* CSOUND_::GetNchnls_i) (CSOUND *)

Get number of input channels.

double(* CSOUND_::GetOffTime) (void *p)
void(* CSOUND_::GetOParms) (CSOUND *, OPARMS *)
char*(* CSOUND_::GetOpcodeName) (void *p)
int(* CSOUND_::GetOutputArgCnt) (void *p)
char*(* CSOUND_::GetOutputArgName) (void *p, int n)
MYFLT*(* CSOUND_::GetOutputBuffer) (CSOUND *)
long(* CSOUND_::GetOutputBufferSize) (CSOUND *)
MYFLT*(* CSOUND_::GetPFields) (void *p)
uint32_t(* CSOUND_::GetRandomSeedFromTime) (void)
int(* CSOUND_::GetRandSeed) (CSOUND *, int which)
double(* CSOUND_::GetRealTime) (RTCLOCK *)
int(* CSOUND_::GetReinitFlag) (CSOUND *)
int(* CSOUND_::GetReleaseFlag) (void *p)
void**(* CSOUND_::GetRtPlayUserData) (CSOUND *)
void**(* CSOUND_::GetRtRecordUserData) (CSOUND *)
MYFLT(* CSOUND_::GetScoreOffsetSeconds) (CSOUND *)
int(* CSOUND_::GetSizeOfMYFLT) (void)
int(* CSOUND_::getsndin) (CSOUND *, void *, MYFLT *, int, void *)
char*(* CSOUND_::getstrformat) (int format)
char*(* CSOUND_::GetString) (CSOUND *, MYFLT)
char*(* CSOUND_::GetStrsets) (CSOUND *, long)
int(* CSOUND_::GetStrsmax) (CSOUND *)

Current maximum number of strings, accessible through the strset and strget opcodes.

int(* CSOUND_::GetTable) (CSOUND *, MYFLT **tablePtr, int tableNum)
int(* CSOUND_::GetTieFlag) (CSOUND *)
CS_TYPE*(* CSOUND_::GetTypeForArg) (void *p)
const char*(* CSOUND_::GetUtilityDescription) (CSOUND *, const char *utilName)
int(* CSOUND_::GetZakBounds) (CSOUND *, MYFLT **)
uint64_t CSOUND_::global_kcounter
struct global_var_lock_t** CSOUND_::global_var_lock_cache
int CSOUND_::global_var_lock_count
struct global_var_lock_t* CSOUND_::global_var_lock_root
int(* CSOUND_::hfgens) (CSOUND *, FUNC **, const EVTBLK *, int)
int CSOUND_::holdrand
void* CSOUND_::hostdata
int CSOUND_::hostRequestedBufferSize
int64_t CSOUND_::ibeatTime

beat time = 60 / tempo

int64_t CSOUND_::icurTime

current time in seconds, inc.

per kprd

int CSOUND_::inChar_
int CSOUND_::inchnls
int CSOUND_::inerrcnt
int CSOUND_::info_message_request
int CSOUND_::inInstr
int CSOUND_::init_pass_loop
pthread_t CSOUND_::init_pass_thread
void* CSOUND_::init_pass_threadlock
CS_PRINTF2 int(* CSOUND_::InitError) (CSOUND *, const char *msg,...)
int CSOUND_::initonly
void(* CSOUND_::InitTimerStruct) (RTCLOCK *)
channelCallback_t CSOUND_::InputChannelCallback_
void(* CSOUND_::InputMessage) (CSOUND *, const char *message__)
int(* CSOUND_::insert_score_event) (CSOUND *, EVTBLK *, double)
int(* CSOUND_::insert_score_event_at_sample) (CSOUND *, EVTBLK *, int64_t)
struct instr_semantics_t* CSOUND_::instCurr
struct instr_semantics_t* CSOUND_::instRoot
MYFLT(* CSOUND_::intpow) (MYFLT, int32)
void(* CSOUND_::InverseComplexFFT) (CSOUND *, MYFLT *buf, int FFTsize)
void(* CSOUND_::InverseRealFFT) (CSOUND *, MYFLT *buf, int FFTsize)
void(* CSOUND_::InverseRealFFTnp2) (CSOUND *, MYFLT *buf, int FFTsize)
int CSOUND_::isGraphable_
int16* CSOUND_::isintab
uintptr_t(* CSOUND_::JoinThread) (void *thread)
int CSOUND_::jumpset
uint64_t CSOUND_::kcounter
int CSOUND_::keep_tmp
int(* CSOUND_::kperf) (CSOUND *)
unsigned int CSOUND_::ksmps
SUBR CSOUND_::last_callback_
void* CSOUND_::last_delayr
MEMFIL*(* CSOUND_::ldmemfile2withCB) (CSOUND *, const char *, int, int(*callback)(CSOUND *, MEMFIL *))
struct CSOUND_::libsndStatics__ CSOUND_::libsndStatics
int CSOUND_::Linefd
FILE* CSOUND_::Linepipe
struct CSOUND_::lineventStatics__ CSOUND_::lineventStatics
csCfgVariable_t**(* CSOUND_::ListConfigurationVariables) (CSOUND *)
char**(* CSOUND_::ListUtilities) (CSOUND *)
SNDMEMFILE*(* CSOUND_::LoadSoundFile) (CSOUND *, const char *, void *)
char*(* CSOUND_::LocalizeString) (const char *) __attribute__((format_arg(1)))
void(* CSOUND_::LockMutex) (void *mutex_)
int(* CSOUND_::LockMutexNoWait) (void *mutex_)
MYFLT* CSOUND_::logbase2
CS_NORETURN void(* CSOUND_::LongJmp) (CSOUND *, int)
void* CSOUND_::lprdaddr
MCHNBLK* CSOUND_::m_chnbp[64]

reserve space for up to 4 MIDI devices

void*(* CSOUND_::Malloc) (CSOUND *, size_t nbytes)
int CSOUND_::max_lpc_slot
int CSOUND_::maxfnum
uint32 CSOUND_::maxpos[MAXCHNLS]
void* CSOUND_::memalloc_db
MEMFIL* CSOUND_::memfiles
int CSOUND_::memlock
CS_PRINTF2 void(* CSOUND_::Message) (CSOUND *, const char *fmt,...)
void* CSOUND_::message_buffer
CS_PRINTF3 void(* CSOUND_::MessageS) (CSOUND *, int attr, const char *fmt,...)
void(* CSOUND_::MessageV) (CSOUND *, int attr, const char *format, va_list args)
int CSOUND_::Mforcdecs
int(* CSOUND_::midi_dev_list_callback) (CSOUND *, CS_MIDIDEVICE *, int)
MGLOBAL* CSOUND_::midiGlobals
void(* CSOUND_::module_list_add) (CSOUND *, char *, char *)
int CSOUND_::modules_loaded
int CSOUND_::MTrkend
int16 CSOUND_::multichan
void* CSOUND_::multiThreadedBarrier1
void* CSOUND_::multiThreadedBarrier2
int CSOUND_::multiThreadedComplete
struct dag_t* CSOUND_::multiThreadedDag
THREADINFO* CSOUND_::multiThreadedThreadInfo
struct CSOUND_::musmonStatics__ CSOUND_::musmonStatics
int CSOUND_::Mxtroffs
void* CSOUND_::namedgen
CS_HASH_TABLE* CSOUND_::namedGlobals
int CSOUND_::nchanif
int CSOUND_::nchanof
uint32_t CSOUND_::nchnls
void(* CSOUND_::NotifyFileOpened) (CSOUND *, const char *, int, int, int)
void(* CSOUND_::NotifyThreadLock) (void *lock)
int32 CSOUND_::nrecs
int CSOUND_::nspin
int CSOUND_::nspout
double CSOUND_::nxtbt
double CSOUND_::nxtim
NAMES* CSOUND_::omacros
uint32 CSOUND_::omaxpos[MAXCHNLS]
MYFLT CSOUND_::onedksmps
struct CSOUND_::onefileStatics__ CSOUND_::onefileStatics
int CSOUND_::opcodedirWasOK
void* CSOUND_::open_files
int(* CSOUND_::OpenLibrary) (void **library, const char *libraryPath)
char* CSOUND_::orchname
CORFIL* CSOUND_::orchstr
int CSOUND_::orcLineOffset
char CSOUND_::orcname_mode
FILE* CSOUND_::oscfp
channelCallback_t CSOUND_::OutputChannelCallback_
int(* CSOUND_::ParseConfigurationVariable) (CSOUND *, const char *name, const char *value)
int CSOUND_::parserNamedInstrFlag
int CSOUND_::parserUdoflag
int CSOUND_::peakchunks
int CSOUND_::perferrcnt
CS_PRINTF3 int(* CSOUND_::PerfError) (CSOUND *, INSDS *ip, const char *msg,...)
int(* CSOUND_::PerformKsmps) (CSOUND *)
int CSOUND_::performState
int(* CSOUND_::playopen_callback) (CSOUND *, const csRtAudioParams *parm)
MYFLT* CSOUND_::powerof2
void* CSOUND_::printerrormessagesflag
double CSOUND_::prvbt
int CSOUND_::pvErrorCode
void* CSOUND_::pvFileTable
int CSOUND_::pvNumFiles
int(* CSOUND_::PVOC_CloseFile) (CSOUND *, int)
int(* CSOUND_::PVOC_CreateFile) (CSOUND *, const char *, uint32, uint32, uint32, uint32, int32, int, int, float, float *, uint32)
const char*(* CSOUND_::PVOC_ErrorString) (CSOUND *)
int(* CSOUND_::PVOC_FrameCount) (CSOUND *, int)
int(* CSOUND_::PVOC_fseek) (CSOUND *, int, int)
int(* CSOUND_::PVOC_GetFrames) (CSOUND *, int, float *, uint32)
int(* CSOUND_::PVOC_OpenFile) (CSOUND *, const char *, void *, void *)
int(* CSOUND_::PVOC_PutFrames) (CSOUND *, int, const float *, int32)
int(* CSOUND_::PVOCEX_LoadFile) (CSOUND *, const char *, PVOCEX_MEMFILE *)
csCfgVariable_t*(* CSOUND_::QueryConfigurationVariable) (CSOUND *, const char *name)
void*(* CSOUND_::QueryGlobalVariable) (CSOUND *, const char *name)
void*(* CSOUND_::QueryGlobalVariableNoCheck) (CSOUND *, const char *name)
int(* CSOUND_::Rand31) (int *seedVal)
uint32_t(* CSOUND_::RandMT) (CsoundRandMTState *p)
int CSOUND_::randSeed1
int CSOUND_::randSeed2
CsoundRandMTState CSOUND_::randState_
unsigned int(* CSOUND_::ReadAsync) (CSOUND *, void *, MYFLT *, int)
int(* CSOUND_::ReadCircularBuffer) (CSOUND *, void *, void *, int)
void(* CSOUND_::RealFFT) (CSOUND *, MYFLT *buf, int FFTsize)
void(* CSOUND_::RealFFT2) (CSOUND *csound, void *p, MYFLT *sig)
void*(* CSOUND_::RealFFT2Setup) (CSOUND *csound, int FFTsize, int d)
void(* CSOUND_::RealFFTMult) (CSOUND *, MYFLT *outbuf, MYFLT *buf1, MYFLT *buf2, int FFTsize, MYFLT scaleFac)
void(* CSOUND_::RealFFTnp2) (CSOUND *, MYFLT *buf, int FFTsize)
void*(* CSOUND_::ReAlloc) (CSOUND *, void *oldp, size_t nbytes)
int CSOUND_::realtime_audio_flag
int(* CSOUND_::recopen_callback) (CSOUND *, const csRtAudioParams *parm)
int(* CSOUND_::RegisterDeinitCallback) (CSOUND *, void *p, int(*func)(CSOUND *, void *))
int(* CSOUND_::RegisterResetCallback) (CSOUND *, void *userData, int(*func)(CSOUND *, void *))
int(* CSOUND_::RegisterSenseEventCallback) (CSOUND *, void(*func)(CSOUND *, void *), void *userData)
int CSOUND_::reinitflag
void* CSOUND_::remoteGlobals
void(* CSOUND_::Remove_KeyCallback) (CSOUND *, int(*func)(void *, void *, unsigned int))
void* CSOUND_::reset_list
int32 CSOUND_::revlpsiz[6]
int32 CSOUND_::revlpsum
void(* CSOUND_::RewindScore) (CSOUND *)
void(* CSOUND_::rewriteheader) (void *ofd)
double CSOUND_::rndfrac
int32 CSOUND_::rngcnt[MAXCHNLS]
int16 CSOUND_::rngflg
void(* CSOUND_::rtclose_callback) (CSOUND *)
void(* CSOUND_::rtplay_callback) (CSOUND *, const MYFLT *outBuf, int nbytes)
void* CSOUND_::rtPlay_userdata
int(* CSOUND_::rtrecord_callback) (CSOUND *, MYFLT *inBuf, int nbytes)
void* CSOUND_::rtRecord_userdata
long(* CSOUND_::RunCommand) (const char *const *argv, int noWait)
int(* CSOUND_::RunUtility) (CSOUND *, const char *name, int argc, char **argv)
int CSOUND_::sampsNeeded
void*(* CSOUND_::SAsndgetset) (CSOUND *, char *, void *, MYFLT *, MYFLT *, MYFLT *, int)
void* CSOUND_::schedule_kicked
int CSOUND_::scnt
int CSOUND_::scoLineOffset
int CSOUND_::score_parser
FILE* CSOUND_::scorein
char * CSOUND_::scorename
FILE* CSOUND_::scoreout
CORFIL * CSOUND_::scorestr
void* CSOUND_::searchPathCache
int CSOUND_::sectcnt
void(* CSOUND_::SeedRandMT) (CsoundRandMTState *p, const uint32_t *initKey, uint32_t keyLength)
int(* CSOUND_::Set_KeyCallback) (CSOUND *, int(*func)(void *, void *, unsigned int), void *userData, unsigned int typeMask)
void(* CSOUND_::SetAudioDeviceListCallback) (CSOUND *csound, int(*audiodevlist__)(CSOUND *, CS_AUDIODEVICE *list, int isOutput))
int(* CSOUND_::SetConfigurationVariable) (CSOUND *, const char *name, void *value)
void(* CSOUND_::SetDebug) (CSOUND *, int d)

Set internal debug mode.

void(* CSOUND_::SetDrawGraphCallback) (CSOUND *, void(*drawGraphCallback)(CSOUND *, WINDAT *p))
void(* CSOUND_::SetExitGraphCallback) (CSOUND *, int(*exitGraphCallback)(CSOUND *))
void(* CSOUND_::SetExternalMidiErrorStringCallback) (CSOUND *, const char *(*func)(int))
void(* CSOUND_::SetExternalMidiInCloseCallback) (CSOUND *, int(*func)(CSOUND *, void *))
void(* CSOUND_::SetExternalMidiInOpenCallback) (CSOUND *, int(*func)(CSOUND *, void **, const char *))
void(* CSOUND_::SetExternalMidiOutCloseCallback) (CSOUND *, int(*func)(CSOUND *, void *))
void(* CSOUND_::SetExternalMidiOutOpenCallback) (CSOUND *, int(*func)(CSOUND *, void **, const char *))
void(* CSOUND_::SetExternalMidiReadCallback) (CSOUND *, int(*func)(CSOUND *, void *, unsigned char *, int))
void(* CSOUND_::SetExternalMidiWriteCallback) (CSOUND *, int(*func)(CSOUND *, void *, const unsigned char *, int))
void(* CSOUND_::SetInternalYieldCallback) (CSOUND *, int(*yieldCallback)(CSOUND *))
int(* CSOUND_::SetIsGraphable) (CSOUND *, int isGraphable)
void(* CSOUND_::SetKillGraphCallback) (CSOUND *, void(*killGraphCallback)(CSOUND *, WINDAT *p))
void(* CSOUND_::SetMakeGraphCallback) (CSOUND *, void(*makeGraphCallback)(CSOUND *, WINDAT *p, const char *name))
void(* CSOUND_::SetMessageCallback) (CSOUND *, void(*csoundMessageCallback)(CSOUND *, int attr, const char *format, va_list valist))
void(* CSOUND_::SetMessageLevel) (CSOUND *, int messageLevel)
void(* CSOUND_::SetMIDIDeviceListCallback) (CSOUND *csound, int(*audiodevlist__)(CSOUND *, CS_MIDIDEVICE *list, int isOutput))
void(* CSOUND_::SetPlayopenCallback) (CSOUND *, int(*playopen__)(CSOUND *, const csRtAudioParams *parm))
void(* CSOUND_::SetRecopenCallback) (CSOUND *, int(*recopen__)(CSOUND *, const csRtAudioParams *parm))
int(* CSOUND_::SetReleaseLength) (void *p, int n)
MYFLT(* CSOUND_::SetReleaseLengthSeconds) (void *p, MYFLT n)
void(* CSOUND_::SetRtcloseCallback) (CSOUND *, void(*rtclose__)(CSOUND *))
void(* CSOUND_::SetRtplayCallback) (CSOUND *, void(*rtplay__)(CSOUND *, const MYFLT *outBuf, int nbytes))
void(* CSOUND_::SetRtrecordCallback) (CSOUND *, int(*rtrecord__)(CSOUND *, MYFLT *inBuf, int nbytes))
void(* CSOUND_::SetScoreOffsetSeconds) (CSOUND *, MYFLT offset)
int(* CSOUND_::SetUtilityDescription) (CSOUND *, const char *utilName, const char *utilDesc)
void(* CSOUND_::SetUtilNchnls) (CSOUND *, int)
void(* CSOUND_::SetUtilSr) (CSOUND *, MYFLT)
void(* CSOUND_::SetYieldCallback) (CSOUND *, int(*yieldCallback)(CSOUND *))
char* CSOUND_::SF_csd_licence
char* CSOUND_::SF_id_artist
char* CSOUND_::SF_id_comment
char* CSOUND_::SF_id_copyright
char* CSOUND_::SF_id_date
int CSOUND_::SF_id_scopyright
char* CSOUND_::SF_id_software
char* CSOUND_::SF_id_title
int(* CSOUND_::sfsampsize) (int format)
int(* CSOUND_::sftype2csfiletype) (int type)
int CSOUND_::sinelength
FUNC* CSOUND_::sinetable
void(* CSOUND_::Sleep) (size_t milliseconds)
NAMES * CSOUND_::smacros
uint32 CSOUND_::smaxpos[MAXCHNLS]
void*(* CSOUND_::sndgetset) (CSOUND *, void *)
CS_HASH_TABLE* CSOUND_::sndmemfiles
int CSOUND_::spinlock
int CSOUND_::spinlock1
void(* CSOUND_::spinrecv) (CSOUND *)
int CSOUND_::spoutactive
int CSOUND_::spoutlock
void(* CSOUND_::spoutran) (CSOUND *)
int(* CSOUND_::sprintf) (char *str, const char *format,...)
struct CSOUND_::sreadStatics__ CSOUND_::sreadStatics
int(* CSOUND_::sscanf) (char *str, const char *format,...)
char* CSOUND_::sstrbuf
int CSOUND_::sstrlen
char CSOUND_::stdin_assign_flg
void* CSOUND_::stdOp_Env

reserved for std opcode library

char CSOUND_::stdout_assign_flg
int32(* CSOUND_::strarg2insno) (CSOUND *, void *p, int is_string)
char*(* CSOUND_::strarg2name) (CSOUND *, char *, void *, const char *, int)
char*(* CSOUND_::Strdup) (CSOUND *, char *)
char** CSOUND_::strsets
int CSOUND_::strsiz
int CSOUND_::strsmax
double(* CSOUND_::strtod) (char *, char **)
char*(* CSOUND_::strtok_r) (char *, char *, char **)
int CSOUND_::synterrcnt
MYFLT(* CSOUND_::system_sr) (CSOUND *, MYFLT)
MYFLT(* CSOUND_::TableGet) (CSOUND *, int table, int index)
int(* CSOUND_::TableLength) (CSOUND *, int table)
void(* CSOUND_::TableSet) (CSOUND *, int table, int index, MYFLT value)
uint32_t CSOUND_::tempStatus
int CSOUND_::tieflag
double CSOUND_::timeOffs

start time of current section

void * CSOUND_::tplim
void * CSOUND_::tpsave
int CSOUND_::tran_nchnlsi
void* CSOUND_::tseg
int CSOUND_::tseglen
int(* CSOUND_::type2csfiletype) (int type, int encoding)
char*(* CSOUND_::type2string) (int type)
int CSOUND_::ugens4_rand_15
int CSOUND_::ugens4_rand_16
void(* CSOUND_::UnlockMutex) (void *mutex_)
int CSOUND_::use_only_orchfile
void* CSOUND_::utility_db
int(* CSOUND_::WaitBarrier) (void *)
int(* CSOUND_::WaitThreadLock) (void *lock, size_t milliseconds)
void(* CSOUND_::WaitThreadLockNoTimeout) (void *lock)
CS_PRINTF2 void(* CSOUND_::Warning) (CSOUND *, const char *msg,...)
int CSOUND_::warped
void* CSOUND_::winEPS_globals
unsigned int(* CSOUND_::WriteAsync) (CSOUND *, void *, MYFLT *, int)
int(* CSOUND_::WriteCircularBuffer) (CSOUND *, void *, const void *, int)
char* CSOUND_::xfilename
long CSOUND_::zalast
MYFLT* CSOUND_::zastart
long CSOUND_::zklast
MYFLT* CSOUND_::zkstart