Csound  6.16


PUBLIC void * csoundGetNamedGens (CSOUND *)
PUBLIC int csoundNewOpcodeList (CSOUND *, opcodeListEntry **opcodelist)
PUBLIC void csoundDisposeOpcodeList (CSOUND *, opcodeListEntry *opcodelist)
PUBLIC int csoundAppendOpcode (CSOUND *, const char *opname, int dsblksiz, int flags, int thread, const char *outypes, const char *intypes, int(*iopadr)(CSOUND *, void *), int(*kopadr)(CSOUND *, void *), int(*aopadr)(CSOUND *, void *))

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

◆ csoundAppendOpcode()

PUBLIC int csoundAppendOpcode ( CSOUND ,
const char *  opname,
int  dsblksiz,
int  flags,
int  thread,
const char *  outypes,
const char *  intypes,
int(*)(CSOUND *, void *)  iopadr,
int(*)(CSOUND *, void *)  kopadr,
int(*)(CSOUND *, void *)  aopadr 

Appends an opcode implemented by external software to Csound's internal opcode list. The opcode list is extended by one slot, and the parameters are copied into the new slot. Returns zero on success.

◆ csoundDisposeOpcodeList()

PUBLIC void csoundDisposeOpcodeList ( CSOUND ,
opcodeListEntry opcodelist 

Releases an opcode list.

◆ csoundGetNamedGens()

PUBLIC void* csoundGetNamedGens ( CSOUND )

Finds the list of named gens

◆ csoundNewOpcodeList()

PUBLIC int csoundNewOpcodeList ( CSOUND ,
opcodeListEntry **  opcodelist 

Gets an alphabetically sorted list of all opcodes. Should be called after externals are loaded by csoundCompile(). Returns the number of opcodes, or a negative error code on failure. Make sure to call csoundDisposeOpcodeList() when done with the list.