Csound  6.16
UDP server


PUBLIC int csoundUDPServerStart (CSOUND *csound, unsigned int port)
PUBLIC int csoundUDPServerStatus (CSOUND *csound)
PUBLIC int csoundUDPServerClose (CSOUND *csound)
PUBLIC int csoundUDPConsole (CSOUND *csound, const char *addr, int port, int mirror)
PUBLIC void csoundStopUDPConsole (CSOUND *csound)

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

◆ csoundStopUDPConsole()

PUBLIC void csoundStopUDPConsole ( CSOUND csound)

Stop transmitting console messages via UDP

◆ csoundUDPConsole()

PUBLIC int csoundUDPConsole ( CSOUND csound,
const char *  addr,
int  port,
int  mirror 

Turns on the transmission of console messages to UDP on address addr port port. If mirror is one, the messages will continue to be sent to the usual destination (see csoundSetMessaggeCallback()) as well as to UDP. returns CSOUND_SUCCESS or CSOUND_ERROR if the UDP transmission could not be set up.

◆ csoundUDPServerClose()

PUBLIC int csoundUDPServerClose ( CSOUND csound)

Closes the UDP server, returning CSOUND_SUCCESS if the running server was successfully closed, CSOUND_ERROR otherwise.

◆ csoundUDPServerStart()

PUBLIC int csoundUDPServerStart ( CSOUND csound,
unsigned int  port 

Starts the UDP server on a supplied port number returns CSOUND_SUCCESS if server has been started successfully, otherwise, CSOUND_ERROR.

◆ csoundUDPServerStatus()

PUBLIC int csoundUDPServerStatus ( CSOUND csound)

returns the port number on which the server is running, or CSOUND_ERROR if the server is not running.