Csound  6.16
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CSOUND_PARAMS Struct Reference

#include <csound.h>

Public Attributes

int debug_mode
int buffer_frames
int hardware_buffer_frames
int displays
int ascii_graphs
int postscript_graphs
int message_level
int tempo
int ring_bell
int use_cscore
int terminate_on_midi
int heartbeat
int defer_gen01_load
int midi_key
int midi_key_cps
int midi_key_oct
int midi_key_pch
int midi_velocity
int midi_velocity_amp
int no_default_paths
int number_of_threads
int syntax_check_only
int csd_line_counts
int compute_weights
int realtime_mode
int sample_accurate
MYFLT sample_rate_override
MYFLT control_rate_override
int nchnls_override
int nchnls_i_override
MYFLT e0dbfs_override
int daemon
int ksmps_override
int FFT_library

Detailed Description

csound configuration structure, mirrors part of OPARMS, uses more meaningful names

Member Data Documentation

◆ ascii_graphs

int CSOUND_PARAMS::ascii_graphs

◆ buffer_frames

int CSOUND_PARAMS::buffer_frames

◆ compute_weights

int CSOUND_PARAMS::compute_weights

◆ control_rate_override

MYFLT CSOUND_PARAMS::control_rate_override

◆ csd_line_counts

int CSOUND_PARAMS::csd_line_counts

◆ daemon

int CSOUND_PARAMS::daemon

◆ debug_mode

int CSOUND_PARAMS::debug_mode

◆ defer_gen01_load

int CSOUND_PARAMS::defer_gen01_load

◆ displays

int CSOUND_PARAMS::displays

◆ e0dbfs_override

MYFLT CSOUND_PARAMS::e0dbfs_override

◆ FFT_library

int CSOUND_PARAMS::FFT_library

◆ hardware_buffer_frames

int CSOUND_PARAMS::hardware_buffer_frames

◆ heartbeat

int CSOUND_PARAMS::heartbeat

◆ ksmps_override

int CSOUND_PARAMS::ksmps_override

◆ message_level

int CSOUND_PARAMS::message_level

◆ midi_key

int CSOUND_PARAMS::midi_key

◆ midi_key_cps

int CSOUND_PARAMS::midi_key_cps

◆ midi_key_oct

int CSOUND_PARAMS::midi_key_oct

◆ midi_key_pch

int CSOUND_PARAMS::midi_key_pch

◆ midi_velocity

int CSOUND_PARAMS::midi_velocity

◆ midi_velocity_amp

int CSOUND_PARAMS::midi_velocity_amp

◆ nchnls_i_override

int CSOUND_PARAMS::nchnls_i_override

◆ nchnls_override

int CSOUND_PARAMS::nchnls_override

◆ no_default_paths

int CSOUND_PARAMS::no_default_paths

◆ number_of_threads

int CSOUND_PARAMS::number_of_threads

◆ postscript_graphs

int CSOUND_PARAMS::postscript_graphs

◆ realtime_mode

int CSOUND_PARAMS::realtime_mode

◆ ring_bell

int CSOUND_PARAMS::ring_bell

◆ sample_accurate

int CSOUND_PARAMS::sample_accurate

◆ sample_rate_override

MYFLT CSOUND_PARAMS::sample_rate_override

◆ syntax_check_only

int CSOUND_PARAMS::syntax_check_only

◆ tempo

int CSOUND_PARAMS::tempo

◆ terminate_on_midi

int CSOUND_PARAMS::terminate_on_midi

◆ use_cscore

int CSOUND_PARAMS::use_cscore

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