Csound API  6.18
csRtAudioParams Struct Reference

Real-time audio parameters structure. More...

#include <csound.h>

Data Fields

char * devName
 device name (NULL/empty: default) More...
int devNum
 device number (0-1023), 1024: default More...
unsigned int bufSamp_SW
 buffer fragment size (-b) in sample frames More...
int bufSamp_HW
 total buffer size (-B) in sample frames More...
int nChannels
 number of channels More...
int sampleFormat
 sample format (AE_SHORT etc.) More...
float sampleRate
 sample rate in Hz More...

Detailed Description

Real-time audio parameters structure.

Field Documentation

◆ bufSamp_HW

int csRtAudioParams::bufSamp_HW

total buffer size (-B) in sample frames

◆ bufSamp_SW

unsigned int csRtAudioParams::bufSamp_SW

buffer fragment size (-b) in sample frames

◆ devName

char* csRtAudioParams::devName

device name (NULL/empty: default)

◆ devNum

int csRtAudioParams::devNum

device number (0-1023), 1024: default

◆ nChannels

int csRtAudioParams::nChannels

number of channels

◆ sampleFormat

int csRtAudioParams::sampleFormat

sample format (AE_SHORT etc.)

◆ sampleRate

float csRtAudioParams::sampleRate

sample rate in Hz