Csound and the World

Iain McCurdy


Monday October 2 to Wednesday October 4.


‘Csound and the World’ will show participants how Csound can be part of our world of hardware and software. The workshop will begin with some fast–track synthesis techniques — the focus being on playing them live in real-time. From this beginning we will look at how Csound can interact with hardware — both things that we can buy and things that we can build. We will also look at playing Csound between networked computers and from our phones.

Iain McCurdy

Iain McCurdy is a composer and lecturer originally from Belfast and currently based at Maynooth University Ireland. He has been working with, and contributing to, the Csound project since 1999. His contributions to Csound have included working on the FLOSS manual project, and writing parts of the new Springer Csound Book. He has also written a catalogue of over 600 interactive examples for Csound covering many of its capabilities. This resource has proved valuable for many learning the program. Since 2015 Iain has also taken on the role of co–editor of the Csound Journal with Jim Hearon. More recent work has focussed on the popular Csound front–end, Cabbage.

Since January 2016 Iain has held the position of Lecturer in Music at the University of Maynooth (National University of Ireland) where his teaching duties cover composition, electronic music, programming and research supervision.

As a composer his work has covered the areas of acousmatic, electroacoustic, instrumental, sound installation and cross–disciplinary works involving all four. His work with sound installations and alternative controller design has drawn in exploration of electronics, sensors and instrument building.

More information about Iain is available at his website: www.iainmccurdy.org.