Independent Pre-Processing with Scsort

Although the result of all score preprocessing is retained in the file after orchestra performance (it exists as soon as score preprocessing has completed), the user may sometimes want to run these phases independently. The command

scot filename

will process the Scot formatted filename, and leave a standard numeric score result in a file named score for perusal or later processing.

The command

scsort < infile > outfile

will put a numeric score infile through Carry, Tempo, and Sort preprocessing, leaving the result in outfile.

Likewise extract, also normally invoked as part of the Csound command, can be invoked as a standalone program:

extract xfile < score.sort > score.extract

This command expects an already sorted score. An unsorted score should first be sent through Scsort then piped to the extract program:

scsort < scorefile | extract xfile > score.extract