History of the Canonical Csound Reference Manual

This initial version of this manual for early versions of Csound was started at MIT by Barry L. Vercoe and maintained there during the 1980's and start of the 1990's. Some of the manual comes from documents for programs like Music11 from the 1970's. This original manual was improved and worked on by Richard Boulanger, John ffitch, Jean Piché and Rasmus Ekman.

This manual led to the Official Csound Reference Manual, still located at: http://www.lakewoodsound.com/csound, for Csound version 4.16, November, 1999, which was maintained by David M. Boothe.

A parallel version of the manual called the Alternative Csound Reference Manual, was developed by Kevin Conder using DocBook/SGML. This version later became the Canonical version.

When Csound was licenced as LGPL by MIT in 2003, the manual was licenced GFDL and placed on Sourceforge along with the sources of Csound.

In the winter of 2004, the Canonical Manual was converted to DocBook/XML by Steven Yi to allow for more people to be able to compile and maintain the manual.

The manual is currently maintained by François Pinot, Menno Knevel and Stefano Cucchi with continuous contributions from the Csound Community. The French version of the manual is maintained by François Pinot.

The manual continues to be a community run project that depends on the contributions of developers and users to help refine the coverage and accuracy of its contents. All contributions are welcome and appreciated.

Table 1. Other Contributors

Mike Berry
Ricard Boulanger
David M. Booth
Oeyvind Brandtsegg
Eli Breder
Andréas Cabrera
Michael Casey
Michael Clark
Kevin Conder
Perry Cook
Sean Costello
Stefano Cucchi
Richard Dobson
Mark Dolson
Gareth Edwards
Rasmus Ekman
Dan Ellis
Tom Erbe
John ffitch
Bill Gardner
Michael Gogins
Joachim Heintz
Matt Ingalls
Richard Karpen
Menno Knevel
Anthony Kozar
Victor Lazzarini
Allan Lee
David Macintyre
Gabriel Maldonado
Max Mathews
Hans Mikelson
Peter Neubäcker
Peter Nix
Peter Nix
Jean Piché
François Pinot
Ville Pulkki
Maurizio Umberto Puxeddu
John Ramsdell
Marc Resibois
Felipe Sateler
Rob Shaw
Paris Smaragdis
Greg Sullivan
Istvan Varga
Bill Verplank
Kevi Welsh
Robin Whittle
Steven Yi
And many others.

This list is by no means complete. More information can be gathered from the Changelog file in the manual's sources repository.