Multiple File Score


Using the score in more than one file.


#include "filename"
#includestr "filename"


It is sometimes convenient to have the score in more than one file. This use is supported by the #include facility which is part of the macro system. A line containing the text

#include "filename"

where the character " can be replaced by any suitable character. For most uses the double quote symbol will probably be the most convenient. The file name can include a full path.

This takes input from the named file until it ends, when input reverts to the previous input. There is currently a limit of 20 on the depth of included files and macros.

A suggested use of #include would be to define a set of macros which are part of the composer's style. It could also be used to provide repeated sections.

#include :section1:
;; Repeat that
#include :section1:

Alternative methods of doing repeats, use the r statement, m statement, and n statement.

The form #includestr is the same as #include except the deliminator must be a double quote and the file name may contain macro calls.


Author: John ffitch

University of Bath/Codemist Ltd.

Bath, UK

April, 1998 (New in Csound version 3.48)

Thanks to Luis Jure for pointing out the incorrect syntax in multiple file include statement.

#includestr new in version 6.12