chano — Send data to the outwards software bus


Send data to a channel of the outward software bus.


chano kval, kchan
chano aval, kchan


xval --- value to transmit

kchan -- a positive integer that indicates which channel of the software bus to write

Note that the inward and outward software busses are independent, and are not mixer buses. Also the k-rate and a-rate busses are independent. The last value remains until a new value is written. There is no imposed limit to the number of busses but they use memory so small numbers are to be preferred.


The example shows the software bus being used as an output audio channel. It assumes that an external program that has access to the API is receiving the values.

        sr = 44100
        kr = 100
        ksmps = 1

        instr   1
           a1   oscil     p4, p5, 100
                chano     1, a1

See also

Software Bus


Author: John ffitch

New in Csound 5.00