checkbox — Sense on-screen controls.


Plugin opcode in control.

Sense on-screen controls. Requires Winsound or TCL/TK.


kres checkbox knum


Note that this opcode is not available on Windows due to the implimentation of pipes on that system

kres -- value of the checkbox control. If the checkbox is set (pushed) then return 1, if not, return 0.

knum -- the number of the checkbox. If it does not exist, it is made on-screen at initialization.


Here is a simple example of the checkbox opcode. It uses the file checkbox.csd.

Example 136. Simple example of the checkbox opcode.

See the sections Real-time Audio and Command Line Flags for more information on using command line flags.

; Select audio/midi flags here according to platform
; Audio out   Audio in
-odac           -iadc       ;;;RT audio I/O
; For Non-realtime ouput leave only the line below:
; -o checkbox.wav -W ;;; for file output any platform

sr = 44100
ksmps = 10
nchnls = 2
instr 1
  kq init 0
  ; Get the value from the checkbox.
  k1 checkbox 1

  ; If the checkbox is selected then k2=440, otherwise k2=880.
  k2 = (k1 == 0 ? 440 : 880)

  a1 oscil 10000, k2, 1
  outs a1, a1
  kq button 1
  schedkwhen kq, 0, 1, 2, 0, 0

instr 2


; sine wave.
f 1 0 32768 10 1

i 1 0 1000 


See also

Sensing and Control: TCL/TK widgets


Author: John ffitch
University of Bath, Codemist. Ltd.
Bath, UK
September, 2000

Example written by Kevin Conder.

New in Csound version 4.08