k — Converts a i-rate parameter to an k-rate value. Or converts an a-rate value to a k-rate value by down-sampling.


Converts an i-rate value to control rate, for example to be used with rnd() and birnd() to generate random numbers at k-rate.


k(x) (i-rate args only)
k(x) (a-rate args only)

where the argument within the parentheses may be an expression. Value converters perform arithmetic translation from units of one kind to units of another. The result can then be a term in a further expression.

See also

Sample Level Operators

More information on this opcode can be found in the Csound Journal, issue 10, written by Andrés Cabrera.


Author: Istvan Varga

New in version Csound 5.00

Author: John ffitch

arate to krate new in version Csound 6.00