pvsin — Retrieve an fsig from the input software bus; a pvs equivalent to chani.


This opcode retrieves an f-sig from the pvs in software bus, which can be used to get data from an external source, using the Csound 5 API. A channel is created if not already existing. The fsig channel is in that case initialised with the given parameters. It is important to note that the pvs input and output (pvsout opcode) busses are independent and data is not shared between them.


fsig pvsin kchan[, isize, iolap, iwinsize, iwintype, iformat]


isize -- initial DFT size,defaults to 1024.

iolap -- size of overlap, defaults to isize/4.

iwinsize -- size of analysis window, defaults to isize.

iwintype -- type of window, defaults to Hanning (1) (see pvsanal)

iformat -- data format, defaults 0 (PVS_AMP_FREQ). Other possible values are 1 (PVS_AMP_PHASE), 2 (PVS_COMPLEX) or 3 (PVS_TRACKS).


fsig -- output fsig.

kchan -- channel number. If non-existent, a channel will be created.


Example 862. Example

          fsig  pvsin   0  ; get data from pvs in bus channel 0

See also

Tools for Real-time Spectral Processing (pvs opcodes)


Author: Victor Lazzarini
August 2006