readfi — Read a line of text from an external file.


Plugin opcode in cs_date.

Read a line of text from an external file once on initialisation.


Sres, iline readfi ifilname


ifilname -- an integer N denoting a file named "input.N" or a character string (in double quotes, spaces permitted) denoting the external file name. For a string, it may either be a full path name with directory specified or a simple filename. In the later case, the file is sought first in the current directory, then in SSDIR, and finally in SFDIR.

iline -- line number, or -1 when end of file has been reached.

Sres -- output of the line read from ifilname.

This opcode allows a line of text to be read from a named external file. There may be any number of readfi opcodes in an instrument or orchestra but they read separately from the same or different files.


Here is an example of the readfi opcode. It uses the file readfi.csd.

Example 904. Example of the readfi opcode.

See the sections Real-time Audio and Command Line Flags for more information on using command line flags.


instr 1
    Swd pwd
        printf_i "Working directory is '%s'\n", 1, Swd
        prints "Reading myself =):\n"
Sline, iLineNum readfi "readfi.csd"
        printf_i  "Line %d: %s", iLineNum, iLineNum, Sline
        if iLineNum != -1 igoto read

i1 0 0.1


See also

File Input and Output


John ffitch and Joachim Heintz

2012; new in 5.17.12