soundouts — Deprecated. Writes audio output to a disk file.


[Note] Note

The usage of soundouts is discouraged. Please use fout instead.

Writes audio output to a disk file.


soundouts  asigl, asigr, ifilcod [, iformat]


ifilcod -- integer or character-string denoting the destination soundfile name. An integer denotes the file soundout.ifilcod; a character-string (in double quotes, spaces permitted) gives the filename itself, optionally a full pathname. If not a full path, the named file is written relative to the directory given by the SFDIR environment variable if defined, or the current directory. See also GEN01.

iformat (optional, default=0) -- specifies the audio data file format:

  • 1 = 8-bit signed char (high-order 8 bits of a 16-bit integer)

  • 4 = 16-bit short integers

  • 5 = 32-bit long integers

  • 6 = 32-bit floats

If iformat = 0 it is taken from the Csound -o command-line flag. The default value is 0.


soundouts writes stereo audio output to a disk file in raw (headerless) format without 0dBFS scaling. The expected range of the audio signals depends on the selected sample format.

[Note] Note

Use of fout is recommended instead of soundouts

See also

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Author: Istvan Varga