strtolk — Converts a string to a signed integer (k-rate).


Convert a string to a signed integer value at i- or k-rate. It is also possible to pass an strset index or a string p-field from the score instead of a string argument. If the string cannot be parsed as an integer number, an init or perf error occurs and the instrument is deactivated.

[Note] Note

If a k-rate index variable is used, it should be valid at i-time as well.


kr strtolk Sstr
kr strtolk kndx

strtolk can parse numbers in decimal, octal (prefixed by 0), and hexadecimal (with a prefix of 0x) format.


kr -- Value of string as signed integer.

Sstr -- String to convert.

indx -- index of string set by strset

See Also

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Author: Istvan Varga