tableicopy — Simple, fast table copy opcode.


Simple, fast table copy opcode.


tableicopy idft, isft


idft -- Destination function table.

isft -- Number of source function table.


tableicopy -- Simple, fast table copy opcodes. Takes the table length from the destination table, and reads from the start of the source table. For speed reasons, does not check the source length - just copies regardless - in "wrap" mode. This may read through the source table several times. A source table with length 1 will cause all values in the destination table to be written to its value.

tableicopy cannot read or write the guardpoint. To read it use table, with ndx = the table length. Likewise use table write to write it.

To write the guardpoint to the value in location 0, use tablegpw.

This is primarily to change function tables quickly in a real-time situation.

See also

Read/Write Operations


Author: Robin Whittle
May 1997

New in version 3.47