tabplay — Playing-back control signals.


Plays-back control-rate signals on trigger-temporization basis.


tabplay  ktrig, knumtics, kfn, kout1 [,kout2,..., koutN]


ktrig -- starts playing when non-zero.

knumtics -- stop recording or reset playing pointer to zero when the number of tics defined by this argument is reached.

kfn -- table where k-rate signals are recorded.

kout1,...,koutN -- playback output signals.

The tabplay and tabrec opcodes allow to record/playback control signals on trigger-temporization basis.

tabplay plays back a group of k-rate signals, previously recorded by tabrec into a table. Each time ktrig argument is triggered, an internal counter is increased of one unit. After knumtics trigger impluses are received by ktrig argument, the internal counter is zeroed and playback is restarted from the beginning, in looping style.

These opcodes can be used like a sort of ``middle-term'' memory that ``remembers'' generated signals. Such memory can be used to supply generative music with a coherent iterative compositional structure.


For an examle of use see the example in the tabrec opcode.

See also

Read/Write Operations


Written by Gabriel Maldonado.