vecdelay — Vectorial Control-rate Delay Paths


Generate a sort of 'vectorial' delay


vecdelay  ifn, ifnIn, ifnDel, ielements, imaxdel [, iskip]


ifn - number of the table containing the output vector

ifnIn - number of the table containing the input vector

ifnDel - number of the table containing a vector whose elements contain delay values in seconds

ielements - number of elements of the two vectors

imaxdel - Maximum value of delay in seconds.

iskip (optional) - initial disposition of delay-loop data space (see reson). The default value is 0.


vecdelay is similar to vdelay, but it works at k-rate and, instead of delaying a single signal, it delays a vector. ifnIn is the input vector of signals, ifn is the output vector of signals, and ifnDel is a vector containing delay times for each element, expressed in seconds. Elements of ifnDel can be updated at k-rate. Each single delay can be different from that of the other elements, and can vary at k-rate. imaxdel sets the maximum delay allowed for all elements of ifnDel.

See also

Vectorial Control-rate Delay Paths


Written by Gabriel Maldonado.

New in Csound 5 (Previously available only on CsoundAV)