wiiconnect — Reads data from a number of external Nintendo Wiimote controllers.


Plugin opcode in wiimote. This opcode is part of the plugin repository and has to be installed separately. The plugin repository can be found here: https://github.com/csound/plugins

Opens and at control-rate polls up to four external Nintendo Wiimote controllers.


ires wiiconnect [itimeout, imaxnum]


itimeout -- integer number of seconds the system should wait for all Wiimotes to be connected. If not given it defaults to 10 seconds.

imaxnum -- maximum number of Wiimotes to locate. If not given it defaults to 4.

Initially each Wiimote has its numeric allocation indicated by lighting one of the four LEDs.

ires -- return value is 1 if sucess or zero on failure.


[Note] Note

Please note that these opcodes are currently only supported on Linux.

Every control cycle each Wiimote is polled for its status and position. These values are read by the wiidata opcode. The result returned is 1 in most cases, but will be zero if a Wiimote disconnects,


Here is an example of the wii opcodes. It uses the file wii.csd.

Example 1249. Example of the wii opcodes.

See the sections Real-time Audio and Command Line Flags for more information on using command line flags.

-+rtaudio=alsa -o dac:hw:0
nchnls = 2
ksmps = 400

#define WII_B           #3#
#define WII_A           #4#
#define WII_R_A         #304#
#define WII_PITCH       #20#
#define WII_ROLL        #21#
#define WII_BATTERY     #27#

#define WII_RUMBLE      #3#
#define WII_SET_LEDS    #4#

gkcnt init 1

instr 1  
  i1  wiiconnect 3,1

      wiirange   $WII_PITCH., -20, 0
  kb  wiidata    $WII_BATTERY.
  kt  wiidata    $WII_B.
  ka  wiidata    $WII_A.
  kra wiidata    $WII_R_A.
  gka wiidata    $WII_PITCH.
  gkp wiidata    $WII_ROLL.
; If the B (trigger) button is pressed then activate a note
  if  (kt==0)    goto ee
  event "i", 2, 0, 5
  gkcnt = gkcnt + 1
  wiisend       $WII_SET_LEDS., gkcnt
  if (ka==0)    goto ff
  wiisend       $WII_RUMBLE., 1
  if (kra==0)   goto gg
  wiisend       $WII_RUMBLE., 0
  printk2  kb

instr 2
  a1 oscil  ampdbfs(gka), 440+gkp, 1
     outs   a1, a1


f1 0 4096 10 1
i1 0 300



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Author: John ffitch
Codemist Ltd

New in version 5.11