zdf_2pole_mode — Zero-delay feedback implementation of 2 pole filter with multimode output.


Zero-delay feedback implementation of a 2 pole (12 dB/oct) filter. Offers low-pass, band-pass, and high-pass output.


alp, abp, ahp zdf_2pole_mode ain, xcf, Q [, istor]


istor --initial disposition of internal data space. Since filtering incorporates a feedback loop of previous output, the initial status of the storage space used is significant. A zero value will clear the space; a non-zero value will allow previous information to remain. The default value is 0.


alp -- low-pass output signal.

abp -- band-pass output signal.

ahp -- high-pass output signal.

ain -- input signal.

xcf -- filter cutoff frequency (i-, k-, or a-rate).

Q -- filter Q value (i-, k-, or a-rate). Range 0.5-25.0.


Here is an example of the zdf_2pole_mode opcode. It uses the file zdf_2pole_mode.csd.

Example 1273. Example of the zdf_2pole_mode opcode.

-o dac

sr	= 44100	
ksmps	=	1
nchnls	=	2
0dbfs	=	1

instr 1	
  asig = random:a(-1.0, 1.0) 
  asigs[] init 3
  asigs[0], asigs[1], asigs[2] zdf_2pole_mode asig, line(20, p3, 10000), 4 

  asig = asigs[p4]
  outc(asig, asig)

instr 2	
  asig = vco2(0.5, 220) 
  asigs[] init 3
  asigs[0], asigs[1], asigs[2] zdf_2pole_mode asig, line(20, p3, 10000), 4 
  outc(asigs[p4], asigs[p4])

i1 0 4 0
i1 5 4 1
i1 10 4 2

i2 15 4 0
i2 20 4 1
i2 25 4 2



This filter is based on the work of Will Pirkle that employs Vadim Zavalishin's work with bilinear tranforms to create topology-preserving transform (TPT) implementations of analog filters.

  1. Pirkle, Will. Designing Software Synthesizer Plug-ins in C++: For RackAFX, VST3, and Audio Units. CRC Press, 2014.

  2. Pirkle, Will. AN-4: Virtual Analog (VA) Filter Implementation. 2013.

  3. Zavalishin, Vadim. "The Art of VA filter design." Native Instruments, 2012.

See also

Standard filters: Zero-delay Feedback Filters (Virtual Analog)


Author: Steven Yi
April 2017

New in Csound 6.09.0