dssiaudio — Processes audio using a LADSPA or DSSI plugin.

[Note] Note
plugin: Requires dssi4cs plugin


[aout1, aout2, ..., aout9] dssiaudio ihandle, [ain1, ain2, ..., ain9]


Plugin opcode in dssi4cs.

dssiaudio generates audio by processing an input signal through a LADSPA plugin.


ihandle - handle for the plugin returned by dssiinit


aout1, aout2, etc - Audio ouput generated by the plugin

ain1, ain2, etc - Audio provided to the plugin for processing

dssiaudio runs a plugin on the provided audio and produces audio output. Currently upto four inputs and outputs are provided. You should provide signal for all the plugins audio inputs, otherwise unpredictable results may occur. If the plugin does not have any input (e.g Noise generator) you must still provide at least one input variable, which will be ignored with a message.

Only one dssiaudio should be executed once per plugin, or strange results may occur.


Here is an example of the dssiaudio opcode. It uses the file dssiaudio.csd.

Example 250. Example of the dssiaudio opcode.

See the sections Real-time Audio and Command Line Flags for more information on using command line flags.

; Select audio/midi flags here according to platform
-odac     ;;;RT audio out
;-iadc    ;;;uncomment -iadc if RT audio input is needed too
; For Non-realtime ouput leave only the line below:
; -o DSSIplay_mono.wav -W ;;; for file output any platform

sr = 44100
ksmps = 32
nchnls = 2

gihandle dssiinit "caps.so", 19, 1	; = mono phaser and
gaout    init  0			; verbose about all ports

instr 1	; activate DSSI

dssiactivate gihandle, 1

instr 2
ain1	diskin2 "beats.wav", 1,0,1	; loop

gaout = gaout+(ain1*.5)

instr 3

dssictls gihandle, 0, .8, 1		; range -1 to 1
dssictls gihandle, 1, .05, 1		; rate 0 to 10
dssictls gihandle, 2, .8, 1		; depth 0 to 1
dssictls gihandle, 3, 2, 1		; spread 0 to 3.14
dssictls gihandle, 4, .7, 1		; feedback 0 to 0.999


instr 4

aout1 dssiaudio gihandle, gaout	;get beats.wav, mono out
      outs aout1,aout1

gaout = 0

i 1 0 20 
i 2 1 20
i 3 1 20
i 4 0 20


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By: Andrés Cabrera

Uses code from Richard Furse's LADSPA sdk.