Part II. Opcodes Overview

Table of Contents

Signal Generators
Additive Synthesis/Resynthesis
Basic Oscillators
Dynamic Spectrum Oscillators
FM Synthesis
Granular Synthesis
Hyper Vectorial Synthesis
Linear and Exponential Generators
Envelope Generators
Models and Emulations
Random (Noise) Generators
Sample Playback
Scanned Synthesis
Table Access
Wave Terrain Synthesis
Waveguide Physical Modeling
Signal Input and Output
File Input and Output
Signal Input
Signal Output
Software Bus
Printing and Display
Sound File Queries
Signal Modifiers
Amplitude Modifiers and Dynamic processing
Convolution and Morphing
Panning and Spatialization
Sample Level Operators
Signal Limiters
Special Effects
Standard Filters
Specialized Filters
Waveshaping and Phase Distortion
Instrument Control
Clock Control
Conditional Values
Duration Control Statements
FLTK Widgets and GUI controllers
FLTK Containers
FLTK Valuators
Other FLTK Widgets
Modifying FLTK Widget Appearance
General FLTK Widget-related Opcodes
Instrument Invocation
Program Flow Control
Real-time Performance Control
Initialization and Reinitialization
Sensing and Control
Sub-instrument Control
Time Reading
Function Table Control
Table Queries
Read/Write Operations
Table Reading with Dynamic Selection
Mathematical Operations
Amplitude Converters
Arithmetic and Logic Operations
Comparators and Accumulators
Mathematical Functions
Opcode Equivalents of Functions
Random Functions
Trigonometric Functions
Linear Algebra Opcodes — Scalar, vector, and matrix arithmetic on real and complex values.
Array Opcodes
Pitch Converters
Tuning Opcodes
Real-time MIDI Support
Virtual MIDI Keyboard
MIDI input and Initialization
MIDI Message Output
Generic Input and Output
Event Extenders
Note-on/Note-off Output
MIDI/Score Interoperability opcodes
System Realtime Messages
Slider Banks
Spectral Processing
Short-time Fourier Transform (STFT) Resynthesis
Linear Predictive Coding (LPC) Resynthesis
Non-standard Spectral Processing
Tools for Real-time Spectral Processing (pvs opcodes)
ATS Spectral Processing
Array-based spectral opcodes
String Manipulation Opcodes
String Conversion Opcodes
Vectorial Opcodes
Tables of vectors operators
Operations Between a Vectorial and a Scalar Signal
Operations Between two Vectorial Signals
Vectorial Envelope Generators
Limiting and wrapping of vectorial control signals
Vectorial Control-rate Delay Paths
Vectorial Random Signal Generators
Zak Patch System
Plugin Hosting
DSSI and LADSPA for Csound
OSC, Network and non-MIDI Devices
Ableton Link Opcodes
non-MIDI Devices
Remote Opcodes
Mixer Opcodes
Signal Flow Graph Opcodes
Jacko Opcodes
Python Opcodes
Orchestra Syntax
Faust Opcodes
Image processing opcodes
STK Opcodes
Miscellaneous opcodes