qinf — Questions whether the argument is a infinite number


Returns the number of times the argument is not a number, with the sign of the first infinity.


qinf(x) (no rate restriction)


Here is an example of the qinf opcode. It uses the file qinf.csd.

Example 891. Example of the qinf opcode.

See the sections Real-time Audio and Command Line Flags for more information on using command line flags.

-+rtaudio=alsa -o dac:hw:0
nchnls = 2
ksmps = 400

#define WII_B           #3#
#define WII_A           #4#
#define WII_R_A         #304#
#define WII_PITCH       #20#
#define WII_ROLL        #21#

gkcnt init 1

instr 1  
  i1  wiiconnect 3,1

      wiirange   $WII_PITCH., -20, 0
  kt  wiidata    $WII_B.
  ka  wiidata    $WII_A.
  kra wiidata    $WII_R_A.
  gka wiidata    $WII_PITCH.
  gkp wiidata    $WII_ROLL.
; If the B (trigger) button is pressed then activate a note
  if  (kt==0)    goto ee
  if (qinf(gka)) goto ee
  if (qinf(gkp)) goto ee
  event "i", 2, 0, 5
  gkcnt = gkcnt + 1
  printk2  kb

instr 2
  a1 oscil  ampdbfs(gka), 440+gkp, 1
     outs   a1, a1


f1 0 4096 10 1
i1 0 300



See also

Mathematical Functions


Written by John ffitch.

New in Csound 5.14