qnan — Questions whether the argument is not a number


Returns the number of times the argument is not a number.


qnan(x) (no rate restriction)


Here is an example of the qnan opcode. It uses the file qnan.csd.

Example 892. Example of the qnan opcode.

See the sections Real-time Audio and Command Line Flags for more information on using command line flags.

-+rtaudio=alsa -o dac:hw:0
nchnls = 2
ksmps = 400

#define WII_B           #3#
#define WII_A           #4#
#define WII_R_A         #304#
#define WII_PITCH       #20#
#define WII_ROLL        #21#

gkcnt init 1

instr 1  
  i1  wiiconnect 3,1

      wiirange   $WII_PITCH., -20, 0
  kt  wiidata    $WII_B.
  ka  wiidata    $WII_A.
  kra wiidata    $WII_R_A.
  gka wiidata    $WII_PITCH.
  gkp wiidata    $WII_ROLL.
; If the B (trigger) button is pressed then activate a note
  if  (kt==0)    goto ee
  if (qnan(gka)) goto ee
  if (qnan(gkp)) goto ee
  event "i", 2, 0, 5
  gkcnt = gkcnt + 1
  printk2  kb

instr 2
  a1 oscil  ampdbfs(gka), 440+gkp, 1
     outs   a1, a1


f1 0 4096 10 1
i1 0 300



See also

Mathematical Functions


Written by John ffitch.

New in Csound 5.14