} Statement

} — Ends a non-sectional, nestable loop.


The { and } statements can be used to repeat a group of score statements. These loops do not constitute independent score sections and thus may repeat events within the same section. Multiple loops may overlap in time or be nested within each other.




All pfields are ignored.


The } statement is used in conjunction with the { statement to define repeating groups of other score events. A score loop begins with the { statement which defines the number of repetitions and a unique macro name that will contain the current loop counter. The body of a loop can contain any number of other events (including sectional breaks) and is terminated by a } statement on its own line. The } statement takes no parameters.

See the documentation for the { statement for further details.


See the examples in the entry for the { statement.

See Also

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Author: Gabriel Maldonado

New in Csound version 3.52 (?). (Fixed in version 5.08).