GEN Routines

GEN routines are used as data generators for function tables. When a function table is created using the f score statement the GEN function is given as its fourth argument. A negative GEN number implies that the function is not rescaled, and maintains its original values.

Sine/Cosine Generators:

Line/Exponential Segment Generators:

File Access GEN Routines:

Numeric Value Access GEN Routines

Window Function GEN Routines

Random Function GEN Routines

Waveshaping GEN Routines

Amplitude Scaling GEN Routines

Mixing GEN Routines

Pitch and Tuning GEN Routines

Named GEN Routines

Csound's GEN routines can be extended with GEN function plugins. There is currently a simple GEN plugin that provides exponential and hyperbolic tangent functions, and the sone function. There is also a generator called farey for the Farey sequence operations, and a Bézier curve generator. These GEN functions are not called by number, but by name.