Function Table Control

Refer to the f score statement, ftgen, ftgentmp, ftgenonce and the GEN Routines section for information on creating tables.

Tables can be removed from memory using the ftfree opcode.

Tables by default, require a size which is a power of two. However tables with any size can be generated by specifying the size as a negative number (see f score statement).

[Note] Note

Not all opcodes accept tables whose size is not a power of two, as this may be a requirement for internal processing.

For information on table access, consult the section Table Access.

Tables for use with the loscilx opcode can be loaded using sndload.

Table Queries

Opcodes the query tables for information are:

The opcode tabsum calculates the sum of values in a table. getftargs fills a string variable with the arguments used to create a function table at k-rate.