imagesave — Save a previously created image.


Plugin opcode in image. This opcode is part of the plugin repository and has to be installed separately. The plugin repository can be found here:

Save a previously created image. An empty image can be created with imagecreate and its pixel RGB values can be set with imagesetpixel. The image will be saved in PNG format.


imagesave iimagenum, filename


iimagenum -- the reference of the image to be save. It should be a value returned by imagecreate.

filename -- The filename to use to save the image.


Here is an example of the imagesave opcode. It uses the file imageopcodes.csd and imageOpcode01.png.

Example 468. Example of the imagesave opcode.

; Select audio/midi flags here according to platform
-n ;no sound output

sr = 44100 
ksmps = 32 
0dbfs  = 1 
nchnls = 2

; by Cesare Marilungo 2008
; additions by Menno Knevel 2021
; image opcodes need a black canvas- black = no sound!

giimage1 imageload "imageOpcode01.png"              ; load this image
giimagew, giimageh imagesize giimage1               ; get dimensions of imageOpcode01.png
giimageNEW imagecreate giimagew,giimageh            ; and use those same dimensions for the new image            

instr 1 ; copies imageOpcode01.png and changes it

kndx = 0
kx linseg 0, p3, 1
prints "\nwidth = %d pixels, heigth = %d pixels\n\n", giimagew, giimageh

ky = kndx/(giimageh)                                ; y-axis
krd, kgn, kbl imagegetpixel giimage1, kx, ky        ; get pixels from 'old' image
imagesetpixel giimageNEW, kx*.9, ky*.5, krd, kgn, kbl; redesign the image
loop_lt kndx, 0.5, giimageh, myloop

instr 2
imagesave giimageNEW, "imageOUT.png"                ; save this new image

instr 3
imagefree giimage1                                  ; unload images
imagefree giimageNEW


i1 1 1
i2 2 1
i3 3 .1

This is what the saved image imageOUT.png looks like:

See also

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Author: Cesare Marilungo

New in version 5.08