imagesize — Return the width and height of a previously opened or created image.


Plugin opcode in image. This opcode is part of the plugin repository and has to be installed separately. The plugin repository can be found here:

Return the width and height of a previously opened or created image. An image can be loaded with imageload. An empty image can be created with imagecreate.


iwidth, iheight imagesize iimagenum


iimagenum -- the reference of the image.. It should be a value returned by imageload or imagecreate.

iwidth -- image width.

iheight -- image height.


Here is an example of the imagesize opcode. It uses the file imageopcodes.csd and imageOpcode01.png.

Example 470. Example of the imagesize opcode.

; Select audio/midi flags here according to platform
-n ;no sound output

sr = 44100 
ksmps = 32 
0dbfs  = 1 
nchnls = 2

; by Cesare Marilungo 2008
; additions by Menno Knevel 2021
; image opcodes need a black canvas- black = no sound!

giimage1 imageload "imageOpcode01.png"              ; load this image
giimagew, giimageh imagesize giimage1               ; get dimensions of imageOpcode01.png
giimageNEW imagecreate giimagew,giimageh            ; and use those same dimensions for the new image            

instr 1 ; copies imageOpcode01.png and changes it

kndx = 0
kx linseg 0, p3, 1
prints "\nwidth = %d pixels, heigth = %d pixels\n\n", giimagew, giimageh

ky = kndx/(giimageh)                                ; y-axis
krd, kgn, kbl imagegetpixel giimage1, kx, ky        ; get pixels from 'old' image
imagesetpixel giimageNEW, kx*.9, ky*.5, krd, kgn, kbl; redesign the image
loop_lt kndx, 0.5, giimageh, myloop

instr 2
imagesave giimageNEW, "imageOUT.png"                ; save this new image

instr 3
imagefree giimage1                                  ; unload images
imagefree giimageNEW


i1 1 1
i2 2 1
i3 3 .1

Its output should include a line like this:

width = 512 pixels, heigth = 512 pixels

See also

Image processing opcodes


Author: Cesare Marilungo

New in version 5.08