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I. Books about Csound

Lazzarini, Yi, ffitch, Heintz, Brandtsegg, McCurdy

Csound: A Sound and Music Computing System (2017)

L. Bimbi

Csound: Guida al sound design in 20 lezioni (2024)

杨万钧 (Wanjun Yang)

CSOUND音乐编程入门 (Music Programming with Csound) (2015)

G. Zucco

Inside Csound (2014)

J. Aikin

Csound Power (2012)

J.Heintz, A. Hofmann, I. McCurdy

Ways Ahead: Proceedings of the First International Csound Conference (2012)

Oscar Pablo Di Liscia

Generación y procesamiento de sonido y música a través del programa Csound (2004)


The Csound Book (2000)

II. Books with Csound Code or Chapters

Victor Lazzarini

Spectral Music Design: A Computational Approach (2021)

Victor Lazzarini

Computer Music Instruments II: Realtime and Object-Oriented Audio (2019)

Victor Lazzarini

Computer Music Instruments: Foundations, Design and Development (2017)

Martin Neukom

Signals, Systems and Sound Synthesis

Lazzarini, Boulanger,

The Audio Programming Book (2010)

Станислав Пучков (Stanislav Puchkov), Михаил Светлов (Mikhail Svetlov)

Музыкальные компьютерные технологии. Современный инструментарий творчества (2005)

R. Bianchini, A. Cipriani

Virtual Sound (2004)

Andrew Horner and Lydia Ayers

Cooking With Csound Part 1: Woodwind and Brass Recipes (2002)