Free and Open Source Audio Programming Language

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Csound is free for anyone to use and distribute. It is carried since its beginnings by developers and users who want to keep this piece of software up to date, improve it for any usage, and develop it further.

Any volunteer is welcome to contribute to this project. What you can do depends on who you are and what you like to do. Once you do, you will make Csound more being "yours", and you will shape a part of this project.

Contribute to this website

If you have ideas about this site and like to help implementing it, join our team!

Share examples and tutorials

Let us know if you have examples to share, or video tutorials.

Improve documentation

Keeping the documentation of Csound up to date is a huge work. Currently we have two main places for it:

  • The Reference Manual tells us how we must use a certain opcode, and provides some working examples for its usage.
  • The Csound FLOSS Manual explains how to write Csound code and use Csound for different purposes.

Both manuals welcome suggestions and improvements. If you are familiar with Github, a pull request is the preferred way. But you can also contact the maintainers via the issue tracker:

Report what is not working

Each bug report is an important contribution. Please have a look at this site: Report a bug.

Contribute code

If you are a software developer, contact our dev team via the developer mailing list or send a pull request.