The Csound website you are currently viewing is itself an open-source project. The site is generated using the Jekyll templating system, and the source code is available online at The project contains a that explains how the site is generated and how users can modify and test the site locally.

Users have a number of options for contributing to the site:

  1. Report issues to the site’s issue tracker. This could be things like typos in text, reports on pages that could be improved, reports of broken or updated links, suggestions for additional text, requests for news to be posted, etc. Using the issue tracker allows the site maintainers to discuss the issue with the issue’s author and with each other to ensure that the issue is satisfactorily addressed.
  2. Discuss on the Csound Users Mailing List or the Csound Slack channel any of the above. Most of the site maintainers are active readers of the Csound Mailing list and can either address the site changes directly or work on getting a new issue filed and addressed.
  3. Users with technical understanding of Github and Jekyll can fork the project, make changes to their version of the project, then submit pull requests. Site maintainers will work to process all pull requests quickly.

If you are interested to contribute time to help maintain and improve the website, please contact one of the existing site maintainers and we can arrange for you to join the site maintenance group in Github. This will allow direct commits to this repository.

Core Development