Plugin Hosting

Csound currently hosts external plugins using dssi4cs (for LADSPA plugins) on Linux.

DSSI and LADSPA for Csound

dssi4cs enables the use of DSSI and LADSPA plugin effects and synthesizers within Csound on Linux. The following opcodes are available:

  • dssiinit - Loads a plugin.

  • dssiactivate - Activates or deactivates a plugin if it has this facility

  • dssilist - Lists all available plugins found in the LADSPA_PATH and DSSI_PATH global variables.

  • dssiaudio - Process audio using a Plugin.

  • dssictls - Send control information to a plugin's control port.

See the entry for dssiinit for a usage example.

[Note] Note

Currently only LADSPA plugins are supported, but DSSI support is planned.