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The sound installation Flyndre (Flounder) by Oeyvind Brandtsegg is based on a sculpture by Norwegian sculptor Nils Aas. It is exhibited outdoors in a park, some 120 km north of Trondheim Norway. The sounds of the installation are affected by environmental conditions like temperature, light, tidal water, moon phases, seasons of the year and more. Csound is used as the synthesis engine and core part of the software for the installation, supported by Python for composition algorithms and interfacing. Contact speakers are mounted on the resonant metallic structure, turning the whole sculpture into a sound producing object. The installation was opened in September 2006, and was first planned to run for 10 years. In 2016 it was recommissioned by the municipality of Inderøy for another 10 years. Two live audio streams of the sound are available at: (played through the sculpture, and recorded on site) (direct line tap from the computer).

Sound installation “Flyndre” (2006 – 2026)