17 Sep 2020

Bol Processor

Bol Processor is a program by Bernard Bel for music composition and improvisation with real-time MIDI, MIDI file, Csound, and text output options. It produces polyphonic music with a set of rules (a compositional grammar) or from text scores that can be typed in or captured from a MIDI instrument.

The current distribution runs on MacOS versions up to 10.14 (Mojave). The project is about to build a 64-bit console compatible with many systems including MacOS, Linux, and Windows.

The work environment of Bol Processor (BP2) is shown below.

Scores produced by Bol Processor include “simple notes” and sound-objects arranged in polymetric structures. Below is the display of a sound-object prototype containing both MIDI events and their interpretation as a Csound score.

Csound scores produced by Bol Processor are associated with a Csound orchestra handling the equivalents of MIDI parameters plus customized parameters in Csound instruments. All parameters can be interpolated and combined additively or multiplicatively during the performance.

The project invites software designers to join the team and contribute to the development of the core application and its client applications.

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