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New Release: Csound FLOSS Manual

A new release of the Csound FLOSS manual is now available online:

The following is new:

  • The chapter about Random has been moved as 01D to the BASICS section and has been significantly amended by Joachim Heintz and Iain McCurdy.
  • In Chapter 05B Panning and Spatialization, Martin Neukom has been added a new section of new text with examples about Ambisonics. The included UDOs add new functionality, such as options for non-standard speaker configurations, when working with Ambisonics in Csound.
  • There is a new chapter, 05K Analysis Transformation Synthesis (ATS), by Oscar Pablo di Liscia.
  • Chapter 08B Csound and Arduino has been extended by Iain McCurdy.
  • In section 10 (Csound Frontends) Rory Walsh has revised the chapter about Cabbage. In the same section, Stefani Bonetti and Menno Knevel have updated the chapter about WinXound.
  • Iain McCurdy and Ed Costello have written a new chapter in section 10 about Web Based Csound.
  • Victor Lazzarini has written an in-depth description about Developing Plugin Opcodes for Csound 6 for section 13 Extending Csound.
  • Menno Knevel has added sections about Cmask, nGen, AthenaCL and Common Music for the appendix chapter about Methods of Writing Csound Scores.
  • Iain McCurdy has revised and amended many existing chapters.

The CSD and source files are here:

Thanks to all the authors for their valuable contributions. please let us know problems and suggestions.


Joachim / Iain