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New Projects: Go programming bindings for Csound API, GMask

Francois Pinot has reported on the Csound users mailing list of a new Csound API binding in the Go programming language, as well as a Go version of Andre Bartetzki's Cmask entitled Gmask. His original post is below.


I've been playing with the Google Go programming language during the last few months. I really like this new programming language and I tried to use it with Csound.

I wrote go bindings to the Csound API ( and I adapted Steven's API examples to go:

I also wrote a go version of Andre Bartetzki's Cmask program: Cmask was published under GPL, but Andre kindly allowed me to publish Gmask under LGPL to be more compatible with the Csound status. Thanks to Andre.

If some csounders/programmers are interested in those packages, I'd be glad to see their use of them.