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AudioKit V2.1 Released

AudioKit, the Objective-C and Swift framework for building iOS and OSX apps using Csound as the audio engine has been improving steadily and a new version, version 2.1 is available from AudioKit's web site.

AudioKit 2.1 features a couple of things that should be interesting to the Csound community.

We now have an AKRingModulator class for Steven Yi's Julian Parker model ring modulator. We have an AK3DBinauralAudio class for Brian Carty's HRTF spatialization algorithms. There's also an example that demonstrates tying the 3D spatialization to the orientation of the phone.

We've merged the CsoundObj files for Mac and iOS into one one class supporting both platforms and cleaned up the code quite a bit, so that is something that should get pulled back into Csound soon.

AudioKit's dependencies for iOS can be set up to dynamic in iOS8, which allowed us to offer AudioKit under the MIT License. If you're still doing things statically you're still bound to the LGPL. Csound for iOS should probably follow AudioKit's lead on this as well.