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FLOSS Manual (6th Release) now available!

The new version of the Csound Floss Manual is finally out here: FLOSS Manual

The new address is due to some changes at (but the old address should work anyway). So we had some delay compared to our usual spring edition, but on the other hand we could wait for some really interesting articles.

What's new in this Release:

  • Added a section about the necessity of explicit initialization of k-variables for multiple calls of an instrument or UDO in chapter 03A Initialization and Performance Pass (examples 8-10).
  • Added a section about the while/until loop in chapter 03C Control Structures.
  • Expanded chapter 03D Function Tables, adding descriptions of GEN 08, 16, 19 and 30.
  • Small additions in chapter 03E Arrays.
  • Some additions and a new section to help using the different opcodes (schedule, event, scoreline etc) in 03F Live Events.
  • Added a chapter 03I about Functional Syntax.
  • Added examples and descriptions for the powershape and distort opcodes in the chapter 04 Sound Synthesis: Waveshaping.
  • Expanded chapter 05A Envelopes, principally to incorporate descriptions of transeg and cosseg.
  • Added chapter 05L about methods of amplitude and pitch tracking in Csound.
  • Added example to illustrate the recording of controller data to the chapter 07C Working with Controllers at the request of Menno Knevel.
  • Chapter 10B Cabbage has been updated and attention drawn to some of its newest features.
  • Chapter 10F Web Based Csound has now a description about how to use Csound via UDP and about pNaCl Csound (written by Victor Lazzarini). The section about Csound as a Javascript Library (using Emscripten) in the same chapter has been updated by Ed Costello.
  • Refactored chapter 12A about The Csound API for Csound6 and added a section about the use of Foreign Function Interfaces (FFI) (written by Fran├žois Pinot).
  • Added chapter 12G about Csound and Haskell (written by Anton Kholomiov).
  • Added chapter 12H about Csound and HMTL, also explaining the usage of HTML5 Widgets (written by Michael Gogins).

Thanks to all the contributors!

joachim heintz & Iain McCurdy