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Csound-expression 4.9 is out

The 4.9.0 is out! New features:




  • Functions for creation of FM-synthesizers. We can create the whole graph of FM-units (with feedback). Check out the module Csound.Air.Fm

  • Support for Monosynth patches. See atMono in the module Csound.Air.Patch

  • Easy to use Binaural panning. See the module Csound.Air.Pan

  • Construction of patches for sound fonts (sfPatch, sfPatchHall).

  • Table of tables. We can create a table that contains tables.

  • Harmonic oscillators for subtractive synth: buz and gbuz

  • Reverbs for patches. It's very easy to add a reverb to your patch (withSmallHall patch, withLargeHall patch, etc)

  • Some bug-fixes