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Csound-based Traditional Irish music app for Android

Seamus is an Android app that searches the World Wide Web for Irish traditional music. Once a piece has been found, Seamus will let you chose from a number of versions before displaying the sheet music. Seamus can also playback any tunes using its own Csound based playback engine. Tunes can be saved to your tune book and recalled later without the need for an Internet connection. Users may also edit tunes directly thought the built-in text editor by clicking 'Toggle' from the menu whilst viewing a tune's sheet music.

More info can be found here:

Note that some tunes sound a little odd during playback because of the way the tuned has been notated in ABC format. If you come across any tunes that are clearly not being played back in the key they should be, please user the 'Share' button in the music view page to send me the offending tunes, or file an issue on the github page. I plan to upload the app to the Google Play store as soon as initial beta testing is complete. A sincere thanks to all involved in the development and maintenance of Csound which is used for the audio engine. Thanks also to the developers of ABCJs( which provides the sheet music view of the tunes.